You don’t need food film in your kitchen, here are the many alternatives available

You don’t need food film in your kitchen, here are the many alternatives available

A few years ago, when I started worrying about the impact of disposable plastics on the environment, I decided to stop buying food film to preserve food. When I found alternatives, it wasn’t hard to do without them. Here’s how I manage my leftovers without food film.

Whenever I go to a store where I know there is a bargain, I go to the kitchen utensils department so I can build a small collection of Pyrex glass containers with plastic lids. robust.

Mason jars also work well for preserving leftovers, and empty jars of pickles or pasta sauce that have been washed.

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Using a funnel, I transfer the leftover tomato sauce and coconut milk if I haven’t used the whole box. If I need to freeze something, like half a can of tomato paste, I put some aluminum on top of the aluminum can, wrap a rubber band around it, and put it in the freezer.

When I need it, I quickly thaw it in a dish of hot water. I also freeze leftover food in clean old yogurt jars, but be careful not to add hot or acidic foods or thaw them in hot water to prevent leaching of chemicals.

If you do not want to transfer food to containers or if there is too much, you can cover the dishes with plates upside down and store them in the refrigerator. Sometimes I use a tea towel to cover a bowl if the food is not likely to dry out, or I combine a tea towel with a plate to provide extra protection.

Keep sturdy Ziploc bags close at hand. I have the same big bags that I have been reusing for almost two years. I wash them in hot soapy water and dry them between uses. They are a good substitute for food film whenever I need to keep something tightly closed that doesn’t fit in a container.

Sometimes I use an elastic band to hold a Ziplock bag or grocery bag on a slow-growing loaf of bread dough to prevent the formation of a dry crust.

If I have to carry something like a quiche on a pie plate, I slip it into a clean grocery bag and tie it to keep it sealed.

When I have pieces of food hanging around, like cheese or extra garlic cloves, I put them in clear glass containers or ramekins with plastic lids so I can see what’s in it. inside.

When I have half a melon left, for example, I put it upside down on a plate in the fridge to remind myself to eat it quickly.

Admittedly, the removal of food film is unlikely to solve plastic pollution, and there are much more important sources of plastic waste such as disposable wipes and plastic bottles, but these are some of the simple things you can learn to do without quite easily.

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