resultats wwe smackdown 3 juin 2022

WWE SmackDown results from June 3rd

Full results of the June 3, 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown.


On the schedule for this June 3, 2022, WWE SmackDown episode, Madcap Moss is back, a new challenger for Ronda Rousey, and a team championship game in the main event.

McIntyre’s summer project

New Day opens this episode and welcomes Drew McIntyre who, after having the public sing Big E’s name, challenges Roman Reigns to a WWE Championship and Universal to WWE Clash of Champions. With no time to spread out about this challenge, McIntyre continues with attempts at salacious jokes and calls himself “Big D”.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods stop him, and give him a present to thank him for leading them to victory last week against the Brawling Brutes: Shorts with the name “Big D” on them – his birthday is next Monday (6 June).

The Brawling Brutes interrupt the scene. Sheamus says they were at a disadvantage because they didn’t expect McIntyre’s surprise, they weren’t ready – We’ve heard that excuse somewhere before, haven’t we, Seth Rollins? Butch doesn’t feel like talking and rushes to the ring to attack, but McIntyre quickly stops him. When the pub returns, there will be another game.

The Brawling Brutes beat Drew McIntyre & The New Day by fell with Butch’s Bitter End on Xavier Woods.

Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura are in an interview, Riddle says their team is just getting started but tonight they are looking forward to winning the team titles and taking revenge on Randy Orton. Michael Cole hints that Randy Orton might not catch on.

Max Dupri announces to Adam Pearce that he has found his first client which he will unveil next week. We also learn that a Six Pack will take place tonight to determine Ronda Rousey’s challenger.

Jinder Mahal beat Humberto by falling with a roll up, Shanky distracted the action by dancing around the ring. The audience loves dancing, and so does Samantha Irvin.

Natalya as Ronda Rousey’s challenger

Ronda Rousey sits at the commentator table for the 6-pack. Shotzi enters but not Aliyah who found herself locked up (with the cameraman) in the locker rooms in turn after last week.

Natalya defeated Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi, Aliyah, Shayna Baszler and Xia Li by falling after a powerbomb by Rodriguez on Shotzi which Natalya took advantage of to make the fall while Rodriguez had just undergone Baszler’s Kirifuda Clutch.

Ronda Rousey finds Natalya in the ring. There is no question of playing the card of friendship as in the good old days, they are rivals and will face each other soon. The match is not for Hell In A Cell.

A video clip of Lacey Evans is being released, she’s really back on SmackDown after a very short stint on RAW.

The new Madcap Moss

Madcap Moss is back. He gets out of the ambulance – because in the WWE world the ambulance takes you back to where it picked you up when you were injured – and heads to the ring. Moss no longer has suspenders, he wears a classic wrestler outfit and looks a little more impressive physically speaking, like that.

He calls Corbin to join him in the ring to make him pay for the attack with the trophy and chair after explaining that it was the end of the former Madcap Moss. No more limits, no more jokes, he is no longer there to laugh.

Corbin makes his entrance, and thinks that Moss wants to regain his place by his side, but there will be none, Corbin refuses. Moss makes it clear that he has come to fight, but Corbin refuses. No luck, Adam Pearce comes to announce that he can’t refuse and that the match will take place right away.

Happy Corbin beat Madcap Moss by disqualification after Moss hit him with a chair.

After the match, Moss attacked Corbin with a chair in front of a very happy audience and visibly far behind Madcap Moss. Referees eventually stopped Moss to the applause of the audience.

Backstage on the return of the ad Adam Pearce announces to Corbin that he will face Madcap Moss again, but this time it will be at WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 and in a match No Holds Barred.

We are told through promos from the two wrestlers that Ricochet will defend the Intercontinental title against Gunther next week on SmackDown.

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DJ Sami Zayn on the sound

The Usos then Riddle and Nakamura enter for the next game. WWE Unified Team Champion titles are at stake in this main event. Michael Cole repeats that Randy Orton may never catch on again. This fad is strange.

The Usos defeated Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura by falling with a splash of Jey Uso on Riddle to keep the team titles by team.

Shinsuke Nakamura had to leave the game after injuring his knee (this is part of the storyline) and Sami Zayn triggered the distraction behind the scenes by launching the theme song by Roman Reigns himself, which obviously isn’t come. The distraction still worked.

Sami Zayn joins the Usos to celebrate their victory and threatens to fight Riddle, who shouts that the story is not over. They will cross paths again.

A fairly simple WWE SmackDown episode, we are announcing championship games that will not take place at WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 but next week. Only Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss will be taking part in SmackDown this Sunday.


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