Would "long-range" Western artillery weapons really help the country win?

Would “long-range” Western artillery weapons really help the country win?

Sievierodonetsk is currently under fire from Russian forces, and the demands of the Ukrainian authorities on Westerners are becoming increasingly pressing. They are demanding “long range” artillery to retake the industrial city from the Louhansk regionbut this goal seems more than ambitious.

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Is the fate of the Donbass linked to the fate of Sievierodonetsk ? Russia is currently retaking ground, and Ukrainian soldiers are delivering one of them “the toughest battles” since the start of the war to resist Russian forces that now control much of the city, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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TheUkraine needs a victory over Russia “on the battlefield” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told British daily Tuesday (June 7th) before peace talks Financial Times. “Right now, we can’t move forward powerfully” without suffering heavy losses, he stressed, calling on Ukraine’s Western allies to provide more weapons to his country.

The government is constantly calling on Westerners. Sergei Gaidai, the governor of this eastern region of Ukraine, said on June 9 that Ukraine could take back the key city of Sievierodonetsk “in two, three days”as soon as it has “long-range” Western artillery weapons.

In a battle, the primary interest of these cannons is the protection of those who use them. The range is so great that they are out of reach of opponents. That’s why General Vincent Desportes, former director of the War School and author of the strategy book Aim for the top, doubts the sincerity of the Ukrainian demand. Above all, he sees it as an excuse to get ahead. “They are probably playing on the importance of this battle to speed up the delivery of weapons that will be especially useful in pushing the Russians east.he believes. We are not really taking a city with artillery. “

“Unless the Ukrainians decide to raz their own city, the resumption of Sievierodonetsk will first be an infantry battle.”

General Vincent Desportes, former director of the War School

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A near-melee fight, says General Desportes. He also sees an explanation for the delayed deliveries of rocket launchers by the Americans and the British. Washington and London fear that they will be used to strike directly on Russian soil, thus involving Westerners a little more.

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