Avantages et inconvénients de WordPress pour créer un site web

Why choose WordPress for your website?

If you believe launch your website, you will need to choose a platform to create it. You need to find software that is reliable, easy to use, and meets the expectations you set for your brand.

Whether you’re aiming to create your own site or are run by a digital marketing agency, it’s important to know the pros and cons of the options available.

Essentially, WordPress is often called when it comes to it design a website.

WordPress, what is it?

WordPress is what is called a CMS Content management system or content management software. Created in 2003, WordPress is a software called open sourcethat is, it is free and free.

Today, almost 35% of sites are WordPress sites. Many companies use it, from small corner stores to large international firms. WordPress adapts to all kinds of professional sites: showcase sites, e-commerce sites, online magazines, discussion forums, blogs, or even portfolios.

If more than 500 sites are created in WordPress every day, it’s not for nothing. CMS has great competitive advantages, but it is very beneficial for its users.

1. WordPress is very easy to use

The incomparable asset of WordPress in the eyes of many lies in its ease of use. It’s as quick to install as it is to get started!

The CMS is accessible to both professionals Digital marketing only to neophytes. If it is a real playground for the former, the latter especially appreciate the ergonomics of its interface, which is very intuitive. The navigation menu on your control panel is fairly easy to understand and easy to find.

WordPress is very easy to use

It is available to anyone who knows a little about the codes of the web to use the basic features of WordPress. The platform does not require any coding knowledge to add and modify content or insert graphics. No more stress, no need to master HTML / CSS language create your site with WordPress !

2. WordPress has many subscribers

The WordPress community is very developed and very active! There are many articles, forums or tutorials available on the web about CMS. If you have questions or are looking for new tips to improve your WordPress user experience, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with a Google search.

In addition, the French-speaking community is quite well represented. Many developers, specialists or enthusiasts, share their best practices in French.

You have it too access to WordPress support if you need support or you can hire a digital agency that will probably handle dozens of WordPress sites a year.

3. Many themes and extensions available

WordPress is a open source, which means your code is free and can be modified. Passionate developers around the world can design themes, connectors or some widgets which you can download.

So you have access more than 55,000 WordPress plugins to customize your theme according to your needs and those of your business.

Many themes and extensions available

If you’re thinking of a new feature that will help you manage your site, tell yourself it’s probably already created! These connectors sometimes they are free and sometimes they are paid. Some development companies also offer subscription plans to access your directory.

Using existing themes and modules saves you time and money! Save costs and development time. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You also have the option of launching a fairly simple first version of your site and developing it over time.

4. A CMS optimized for SEO

SEO specialists especially enjoys working with WordPress sites. The CMS automatically generates metadata, which allows you to display a title and description related to the content of your various pages in search engine results.

An SEO optimized CMS

Many available extensions make it easy to optimize the natural reference of WordPress sites. The most famous, YOAST SEO, offers the ability to analyze your pages from identified keywords. You can also easily customize your metattitles and metadata according to SEO strategy set up.

In general, the work of SEO experts is simplified to submit site mapsintegrate different modules to track data and do a lot of refinement testing over time.

5. Ideal for making blogs …

Originally, WordPress was designed specifically for blogs. It has since developed well and now offers many features, but it is still an excellent CMS for editing a blog.

WordPress allows you to customize your blog according to your wishes and needs. You have the option to add categories and filters. Different authors can easily collaborate and keep your blog alive.

6.… and e-commerce

woocommerce is the best known and used extension for create online stores in WordPress. Compete with e-commerce sites like Shopify, as it’s easy to use and effective. It adapts equally well to the trade of physical and digital products or to the offer of services.


This is a free module with extensions that can be charged if you want to improve your service in terms of billing or delivery, for example. There are even some connectors per amplifier your visibility and sales with marketing campaigns.

Please note that you must choose a Woocommerce compatible theme if you want to use the extension, not all of them are!

7. One responsive design quick to set up

Offering a site tailored to your mobile format has become a must to ensure a sufficiently satisfying experience for your users. In addition to providing good browsing quality to your visitors, you are optimizing your natural reference as search engines take this setting into account and favor sites. sensitive.

Fortunately, most of the themes available in WordPress include a layout sensitive and ergonomics adapted to different screen formats. Therefore, it is quite easy to implement the necessary extensions to perfect your website and all its aspects.

Yes the Benefits of WordPress prove to be undeniable assets, the CMS still has some weaknesses that should not be overlooked.

An attraction for hackers

Although there are many plugins available in the WordPress directory, always be careful to evaluate the quality of the source to ensure the security of your site. In fact, some extensions are sometimes accompanied by malicious scripts.

You could be the target of hackers using the power of WordPress and its free and accessible source code to your advantage.

An attraction for hackers

Look for reviews and comments connectors you want to install. Check that they have already been tested. Be sure to protect your company’s confidential data and don’t let the wolf get into the fold!

loading speed

Another drawback of sharing the source code with an unlimited number of contributors: the code for certain topics is not optimized by professionals who will be in charge of perfecting and updating it. If you have unnecessary code snippets, it can slow down site load times and make browsing quickly unbearable.

And unless you’re a developer, it’s impossible to know if a code is good enough to promote the speed of your website.

The graphic chart

While there are many themes available for your website, customize graphics what you choose will require a little more skill. Sometimes creating your own mock-up is the easiest way to make sure you stick to your brand image.

The graphic chart

Therefore, you may need to use the services of a graphic designer or digital marketing agency to support you and build a site that reflects your image.

WordPress is a very powerful software today. Easy to use, it offers many features to take your website to the next level. To make the most of this CMS, feel free to turn to a digital agency that can advise you on both the technical aspects and the design of your site.

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