Why Amber Heard will not pay 15 million euros to Johnny Depp

Why Amber Heard will not pay 15 million euros to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp emerged victorious from this high-profile lawsuit. Amber Heard has been convicted of defamation and will have to pay more than $ 10 million.

After about 13 hours of deliberations in a court near Washington, the seven jurors sentenced Amber Heard to pay $ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in damages plus Johnny Depp.

The plaintiff was also convicted: he will have to pay $ 2 million in damages to his ex-wife.

She can’t pay $ 10.5 million

Amber Heard cannot “absolutely” pay more than $ 10 million in damages to her ex-husband Johnny Depp for defaming him in the press, according to a verdict handed down by a US jury on Wednesday, he said on Thursday the actress’ lawyer.

Elaine Bredehoft, who believes Amber Heard was “demonized” by Johnny Depp’s legal team, said she intended to appeal the decision.

According to forensic experts contacted by the American channel CBS, a seizure on salary could be set up on the current and future seals of the actress. His estate could also be used as a payment to Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp may waive such damages

But that has not yet been decided. The plaintiff could waive damages and negotiate with his ex-wife for a smaller sum. Another option: Johnny Depp may decide not to claim damages if Ambert Heard agrees not to appeal.

The actress does not have enough money.

She earned $ 1 million for her performance in the Aquatic Superhero movie, and then $ 2 million for her role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, scheduled for March 2023.

She also received $ 7 million from her 16-month marriage to Johnny Depp, promising to pay the sum to the American Civil Liberties Union and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (ACLU).

She comes from a very modest Texas family who can’t help it either.

From the beginning of the trial the actress had lost the battle of public opinion.

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