Who was the ladybug, the international star of this season 3?

Who was the ladybug, the international star of this season 3?

A star of Friends ? A Spice Girls singer? Who then hid under the costume of the ladybug of Mask Singer ? For the second issue of this season 3, TF1 decided to repeat the experience of the international star. Last year, Itziar Ituño (aka Raquel Murillo aka Lisbon in The Paper House) had lent itself to the game in her ballerina costume. And this Friday, April 8, the public was able to discover… Teri Hatcher !

The clues of the two magnets left little room for doubt. By highlighting her friends, it became clear that the international star was playing in a choral series, namely Desperate Housewives, for which Teri Hatcher took on the role of Susan Mayer for eight years. A figure that the ladybug wrote in lipstick on a mirror before her performance.

Iconic macaroni

Even though she indicated that she liked to entertain people at dinner, the ladybug still burned her toast and brought a pasta gratin to her loved ones. It was obviously a reference to her macaroni, “the only dish she knows how to cook and she doesn’t always succeed,” in the words of Mary-Alice Young in the very first episode of the series.

On set, the actress revealed that she owns one Golden Globeshe won the title of “Best Actress in a Music or Comedy TV Series” in 2005.

In the 90’s, his role as Lois Lane in the series Lois and Clark reveals it to the general public. At the end of this decade, she also gives the retort to Pierce Brosnan as James Bond Girl in He never dies tomorrow.

A high aerobatics service

On the stage of Mask SingerTeri Hatcher sang Feeling Good by Nina Simone putting the package on choreography and acrobatics. Around her, a dozen dancers. The actress prepared a lot for this performance by coming to rehearse the day before in the greatest secrecy, especially to work her hair.

The investigation is not over for Alessandra Sublet, Anggun, Jarry and Kev Adams who are continuing their search. After finding out who was hiding behind the costumes bernard-l’hermite and coral fish last week, the four members of the jury are not at the end of their sentences as another international star will come to face them in the coming weeks.

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