Which fruits and vegetables have the most protein?

Which fruits and vegetables have the most protein?

Although they contain less protein than meat products and legumes, some fruits and vegetables allow you to partially and healthily meet your body’s needs.

What is the role of proteins?

Proteins, along with lipids and carbohydrates, are part of macronutrients, which provide energy to the human body. In particular, they play a role in the skin structuring and renewalmuscle tissue, bones, hair, nails or even hair.

Proteins are also an essential part of many body processes include hemoglobinwhich transports oxygen in the blood to cells, immunoglobulins (ie antibodies) or certain hormones.

What are the sources of protein?

Proteins are brought into the diet through animal and vegetable products. Meat, milk and even eggs are an important source. The latter are more easily assimilated by the human body than vegetable proteins.

Legumes, cereals and oilseeds, on the other hand, are the main plant sources of this macronutrient. It is, moreover, essential to associate them with each other in order to benefit from all their benefits.

Vegetables and fruits have (…)

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