WhatsApp photos and videos are not downloaded to iPhone

When WhatsApp fails to download media to iPhone, below are the steps to fix WhatsApp photos not downloading to iPhone issue.

WhatsApp photos not downloading to iPhone

The default option in WhatsApp is to download media (photos, videos, documents) in incoming messages to the camera roll on iPhone.

However, if WhatsApp does not automatically download photos and videos to iPhone, this is probably the option Save photos to camera roll is disabled in WhatsApp chats on your device.

If you are also unable to download WhatsApp photos to iPhone manually, the problem is most likely due to WhatsApp not having permission to access the Photos app on your device.

1. Enable/Disable Airplane Mode

Start by enabling and disabling Airplane mode on your device to rule out that the issue is due to network connection issues.

Open settings > Move the switch next to airplane mode to ON Position.

Activate Airplane mode on iPhone

Start anew iPhone > Wait 30 seconds > Disable airplane mode by moving the switch to OUT Position.

2. Give WhatsApp access to the Photos app

As mentioned above, WhatsApp will not be able to download media to iPhone if the privacy settings on your device are set to prevent WhatsApp from accessing the Photos app.

Go to Attitude > privacy > photos > Whatsapp > Select on the next screen Read and write Possibility.

Allow WhatsApp to read and write photos

Now that WhatsApp has access to the Photos app, it can download photos and videos to your device.

3. Allow WhatsApp to save photos to camera roll on iPhone

This extra step is required if you want WhatsApp to automatically download photos to Camera Roll on iPhone.

Open Whatsapp > tap settings Bottom menu tab > tap chat > Move the switch next to Save to gallery to ON Position.

Save to Camera Roll option in WhatsApp on iPhone

After that, you should find that WhatsApp will automatically start downloading photos to the camera roll on your iPhone.

4. Check your internet connection

A stable internet connection is required to download photos and videos to iPhone. Go to settings > Wireless Internet access > If the grid is weak, switch to 5G network (If available in My Networks section).

Connect iPhone to 5G network

Note: In the case of a cellular network, 5G is only available if provided by your service provider.

5. Allow WhatsApp to use cellular data

If you are trying to download WhatsApp Photos over cellular network, you need to allow WhatsApp cellular network access.

Go to settings > cellular > On the next screen, move the switch next to Whatsapp to ON Position.

Enable cellular data for WhatsApp on iPhone

After that, you can download and save WhatsApp photos both over WiFi and cellular network.

6. Check the memory status of the device

WhatsApp cannot download photos when your device is low on storage space.

Go to settings > General > iPhone storage > On the next screen you will see the amount of disk space used on your iPhone.

Used memory on iPhone

If there is not enough storage space, you have to make efforts to free up storage space on your iPhone.

7. Check the date and time settings

Incorrect time and date settings can also delay or prevent WhatsApp from downloading photos.

Go to settings > General > appointment time and make sure the date and time are correct.

Date and time on iPhone

If your iPhone is showing incorrect date or time, you can fix this problem by following the steps outlined in this guide: How to fix iPhone showing wrong time and date

8. Disable low data mode

WhatsApp video calls may not work properly if your iPhone is set to Low Data Mode. So go to settings > cellular > Cellular data options and disable Low data mode.

Turn off low data mode on iPhone

After disabling low data mode, you should be able to make WhatsApp video calls.

9. Update WhatsApp

Open app store > search Whatsapp > Tap on the next screen To update Option next to WhatsApp Messenger.

Update WhatsApp on iPhone

Note: The update option is only available when an update is available for WhatsApp.

10. Reinstall WhatsApp

If these solutions don’t work, WhatsApp installation on your iPhone may be corrupted.

In this case, you can backup WhatsApp first and then delete and reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.

During the reinstallation process, make sure you click the ‘To allow‘ option when WhatsApp asks you for permission to access photos on your device.


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