WhatsApp not working on iPhone or iPad

The issue of WhatsApp not working on iPhone and iPad has been reported by some users. You should be able to fix this issue with the troubleshooting steps given below.

WhatsApp not working on iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp allows its users to send free text messages, make free voice and video calls to anyone on WhatsApp located anywhere in the world.

While WhatsApp text messages, voice and video calls work well most of the time, sometimes they can stop working or become corrupted due to network issues, wrong settings and other reasons.

1. Disconnect WhatsApp

If you are unable to make a WhatsApp call or calls drop out and the call quality is poor, the problem is usually a bad network connection on your end or the other end.

In many cases, this can be fixed by disconnecting Whatsapp Voice or video call and try the call again after a few minutes. Another option is to ask the person on the other end to disconnect and call you again.

2. Allow WhatsApp access to microphone and camera

The problem could be because WhatsApp doesn’t have permission to access the microphone and camera on your iPhone.

Go to settings > Whatsapp > Move the switch next to microphone to ON Position.

Allow WhatsApp access to camera and microphone on iPhone

If you’re trying to make a video call, make sure the switch is next to camera is set to ON Position.

3. Turn on cellular data

If you’re trying to use WhatsApp outside of your home or office, make sure WhatsApp is allowed to use cellular data on your iPhone.

Go to settings > cellular and move the switch next to Whatsapp to ON Position.

Allow WhatsApp to use mobile data on iPhone

Now that WhatsApp has access to cellular data, you can make and receive WhatsApp calls while you are away from home or office and your iPhone is not connected to the WiFi network.

4. Reboot the iPhone

The problem could be due to stuck programs or processes that are preventing your iPhone from connecting to WhatsApp.

Go to settings > General > scroll down and tap shut down. On the next screen, use the slider to turn off the iPhone.

Slide to Turn off iPhone

Allow the iPhone to fully shut down > wait 30 seconds > Start anew iPhone and check if WhatsApp is working properly now.

5. Enable/Disable Airplane Mode

Turning Airplane mode on and off has been known to fix network connection issues by refreshing Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth networks.

Open settings > Move the switch next to airplane mode to ON Position.

Activate Airplane mode on iPhone

Start anew iPhone > wait 30 seconds and Disable airplane mode by moving the switch to OUT Position.

6. Update WhatsApp

Open app store > Search for Whatsapp and tap the Refresh button. located next to WhatsApp Messenger.

Update WhatsApp on iPhone

If the “Update” button is not available, it means that your iPhone is already running the latest version of WhatsApp.

7. Reset network settings

Make a note of your WiFi network password and follow the steps below to reset network settings on your iPhone.

Go to settings > General > Reset to default and select Reset network settings Possibility.

Reset network settings on iPhone

In the confirmation popup, select the Reset to default option to confirm.

8. Disable Screen Time for WhatsApp

If you use Screen Time, you may have set a time limit on WhatsApp.

Go to settings > screen time > app limits > Whatsapp > On the next screen, move the switch next to app limit to OUT Position.

Disable screen time limit for WhatsApp on iPhone

Note: You can also edit or delete the app limit for WhatsApp by scrolling down on the same screen.

9. Enable the use of background data

While preventing WhatsApp from running in the background makes a lot of sense, it can also cause WhatsApp messages to lag.

Go to settings > Whatsapp > Activate Update background app.

Enable background app refresh for WhatsApp

Note: If you’re on a limited cellular data plan, you can reduce cellular data usage on your iPhone by leaving this option turned off.

10. Disable low data mode

WhatsApp video calls and even voice calls are known to drop and malfunction when iPhone is set to Low Data Mode. So go to settings > cellular > Cellular data options and disable Low data mode.

After disabling low data mode, you should be able to make WhatsApp video calls.

11. Are you blocked on WhatsApp?

It’s possible that the person you want to text or call has accidentally or intentionally blocked you on WhatsApp. For more information about this problem, see this guide: How to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

12. Delete and reinstall WhatsApp

If the above troubleshooting steps didn’t help, the problem is probably due to WhatsApp software files getting corrupted or corrupted on your iPhone.

The only way to fix this problem is to delete and reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.


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