What to do if apps won’t update on iPhone or iPad

The issue that apps won’t update or apps can’t update on iPhone has been reported by users. You should be able to fix this issue with the troubleshooting steps given below.

Apps are not updated on iPhone

It’s a good idea to ensure you’re using the latest version of apps on your iPhone and iPad.

When apps are not updating automatically, the problem can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from lack of disk space, software bugs to app updates being blocked via the restrictions passcode.

You should be able to fix this problem using one of the methods listed below.

1. Enable automatic downloads for app updates

Make sure the iPhone is set to automatically download app updates by going to settings > app store > On the next screen, make sure the switch is next to app updates is set to ON Position.

Enable automatic downloads for app updates

Note: Enable Automatic Downloads in the Cellular Data section only if you have an unlimited data plan.

2. Disable restrictions when installing apps

iPhone cannot update apps if installing apps on your device is restricted.

Go to settings > screen time > Content and Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store purchases > Install apps and select that To allow Possibility.

Allow apps to be installed on iPhone

After that, check if you can update apps on your device.

3. Reboot the iPhone

Sometimes the problem of apps not updating on iPhone is due to inexplicable technical glitches. This can often be fixed by restarting your device.

Go to settings > General > Scroll down the screen and tap shut down. On the next screen, use the slider to turn off the iPhone.

Turn off the iPhone

After the iPhone is completely turned off, Start anew your device and see you try to update apps.

4. Check the date and time settings

Incorrect date and time settings can affect the app update process. So make sure your iPhone is set to update the date and time automatically.

Go to settings > General > appointment time > Make sure the switch next to Set automatically is set to ON Position.

Set date and time automatically on iPhone

Wait for the date and time to appear on this screen and make sure they are correct.

5. Verify your App Store account

A common reason for apps not updating on iPhone is that apps are associated with another Apple ID, which may or may not belong to you.

open that app store on your iPhone and tap the Account Icon is in the upper right corner.

Account icon in App Store on iPhone

On the account screen, tap Bought Tab.

Purchased option on App Store account screen on iPhone

On the Purchased screen, make sure the applications that are not updated are listed.

If those apps aren’t listed on the Purchased screen, they’re associated with a different Apple ID, and you’ll need to sign in to the App Store with your “different Apple ID” to update those apps.

6. Sign out of the App Store and sign back in

Sometimes the problem is that the App Store cannot recognize your Apple ID.

Open app store and tap the Account Icon is in the upper right corner.

Account icon in App Store on iPhone

On the Accounts screen, scroll all the way down and tap Deliver. After signing out, wait 30 seconds > Restart iPhone and log in to the App Store.

6. Check the storage space on the iPhone

Your iPhone must have enough storage space to handle app updates. So make sure you have enough storage space available on your device.

Go to settings > General > iPhone storage > On the next screen you will see the used and available space on your device.

Used memory on iPhone

If you have less than 1GB available, lack of storage space is probably the reason apps not updating on your iPhone.

The solution in this case is to free up space on your iPhone by following the steps outlined in this guide: How to free up space on iPhone.

7. Delete and reinstall apps

If the above methods didn’t help, delete the app from your iPhone and reinstall the latest version from the App Store.

On the home screen, tap and hold apartment you want to delete and select Delete app Possibility.

Delete app on iPhone

Open the App Store and look for the deleted ones apartment and To install the app back on your iPhone.

8. Reset all settings

Sometimes the problem is corrupted settings on your iPhone.

Go to settings > General > Reset to default > tap Reset all settings

Reset All Settings option on iPhone

If prompted, enter yours password and tap Reset all settings option in the popup that appears.

After iPhone restarts, connect to your WiFi network and try updating apps.


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