What military losses in both camps after 100 days of conflict?

What military losses in both camps after 100 days of conflict?

DECRYPTING – Launched in a war of attrition, Russia and Ukraine have already lost many soldiers and equipment.

The «special military operationIt didn’t have to last. Ukraine had no chance against the Russian roller coaster. And Russia would easily win this war, Putin thought. After three months of intense conflict, its outcome is more uncertain than ever. And while negotiations are coming to an end, each side is showing its determination. Ukrainians to defend their sovereignty and existence as a nation. The Russians not to suffer the humiliation of defeat.

On February 24, Volodymyr Zelensky ordered his troops to “inflict maximum lossesTo Russian forces. 100 days and a failed lightning invasion after, both sides suffer. And continue to lose many lives in what has become a war of attrition. Between 60 and 100 Ukrainian soldiers die every day in the Donbass, the Ukrainian president said recently. On the Russian side, the Kremlin has already lost as many men as during the entire Soviet-led war in Afghanistan…

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