What is Silent Mode, Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode on iPhone?

There are many ways to silence an iPhone, including do not disturb mode, silent mode, airplane mode, and do not disturb mode while driving. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at each of these options.

What is “Silent Mode” on iPhone?

True to its descriptive name, Silent Mode was designed to silence or unmute calls, messages, and notifications on iPhone.

When it goes to sleep, the iPhone doesn’t ring or play an alert tone even when there’s a call, iMessage, text message, or other type of notification on your device.

However, the iPhone screen lights up and you see notification banners every time a call, message or notification is received on your device.

Even when the iPhone goes to sleep, it can still alert you of an incoming notification by vibrating. If necessary, you can prevent this by going to settings > sound and disable Disable vibrate on silent Possibility.

Disable vibration in silent mode

Note: iPhone also lets you mute unknown callers and conditionally forward calls to another phone number.

How to enable silent mode on iPhone

You can put iPhone in silent mode by using the physical one Ring/Silent Switch in the upper left corner of the iPhone.

Mute button on iPhone

When you’re done, make sure to use the Ring/Silent toggle again to disable silent mode on your iPhone.

What is Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone?

Do Not Disturb mode is designed to completely prevent your device from disturbing you in any way during a set period of Do Not Disturb time.

When iPhone is put into DND mode, it will not ring, vibrate, or light up when there is an incoming call, message, or notification on your device.

Also, you cannot see notification banners on your iPhone’s screen even when it receives calls, messages, and other types of notifications.

However, all notifications received during the DND period are available on your iPhone’s lock screen and you can respond to them.

How to customize Do Not Disturb mode

Do not disturb mode can be customized to allow calls from specific individual contacts or only allow calls from those on your favorites list.

Also, do not disturb mode can be scheduled to automatically turn on and off during a specific time of day.

By default, iPhone allows calls to bypass Do Not Disturb mode if the same person calls you a second time within 3 minutes of the first call.

This setting is designed to allow people to reach you in emergencies and allow most necessary and important calls to reach you during the DND period.

Disable “Allow Repeated Calls” option on iPhone

If necessary, you can prevent people from bypassing Do Not Disturb mode by turning it off Allow repeat calls Possibility.

How to enable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

To turn on Do Not Disturb mode, go to settings > focus > Do not disturb and move the switch next to Do not disturb to ON Position.

Activate Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

On the same screen you will see the option to Add schedule or automation Option that allows you to automatically trigger do not disturb mode on your iPhone based on time or location.

Schedule an automatic Do Not Disturb period on iPhone

You can also turn on Do Not Disturb mode by swiping right on your iPhone’s home screen and tapping crescent or moon icon in the control center.

Enable Do Not Disturb Mode in Control Center

When you’re done, remember to turn off Do Not Disturb mode on your device by tapping moon icon in the control center or by going to settings > Do not disturb mode.

What is Airplane mode on iPhone?

Airplane mode was designed to prevent iPhone from interfering or interfering with an airplane’s signaling and communications systems.

Airplane mode completely turns off cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth networks on your iPhone.

Therefore, you cannot receive calls, text messages, or connect to Bluetooth devices while your iPhone is in airplane mode.

However, you can manually turn on WiFi and Bluetooth networks on iPhone even after putting it in airplane mode.

This allows you to use in-flight WiFi (if available) and use AirPods or Bluetooth headphones to listen to music and podcasts during the flight.

How to turn on Airplane mode on iPhone

All that is required to enable Airplane mode on iPhone is open settings and move airplane mode switch to ON Position.

Airplane mode on iPhone

You can also go control center and tap airplane icon to enable Airplane mode on your iPhone.

Aside from the obligatory use on flights, you can always put the iPhone in airplane mode to save battery life and avoid roaming charges.

Because Airplane mode completely blocks the cellular network, it ensures that no calls reach your device while you’re in a country or zone where roaming charges are higher.

Airplane mode is also commonly used to troubleshoot Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth network connection issues on an iPhone.

Which mode to use

When you are in a meeting, theater or classroom, you can quickly silence your iPhone by using the silent mode switch.

As mentioned above, an iPhone in silent mode can still grab your attention by vibrating, flashing, and displaying banner notifications when a call, message, or notification comes in.

Therefore, Do Not Disturb Mode is a better option when trying to focus your attention on work and avoiding all kinds of distractions.

While Airplane Mode is designed for use during flights, it can also be used to completely disconnect from the world, conserve battery life, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.


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