What is known about the situation in Borodyanka, where the toll is "much more horrible" than in Boutcha, according to President Zelensky

What is known about the situation in Borodyanka, where the toll is “much more horrible” than in Boutcha, according to President Zelensky

After the withdrawal of Russian troops, the time has come for the first signs of horror. The Ukrainian Attorney General Iryna Venediktova announced on Thursday, April 7, the discovery of at least 26 body under the rubble of two apartment buildings in Borodyanka, a town in the Kiev region, a few kilometers from Boutcha, where the discovery of many civilian bodies in the streets caused international outrage. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has already warned that“there are more victims” than in Boutcha. Franceinfo summarizes what is known about the situation on the ground.

A city targeted by Russian forces for a month

Borodyanka, located in the administrative subdivision of theKiev Oblast, consisted of 13,000 inhabitants before the war. Located 50 kilometers northwest of the capital and a hundred kilometers from the Belarusian border, this city was on the axis of the column of Russian tanks more than 60 km which gradually advanced towards Kiev. After intense bombardment and air strikes as soon as on February 28ththe city was occupied for several weeks by Russian forces, as reported CNN in a report showing the extent of the damage (in English).

In the face of Moscow’s difficulties in seizing the capital, the Kremlin finally announced on March 25 a change of strategy to focus on the east and south of the country. It was this withdrawal of military forces from the city that made it possible to discover the consequences of this occupation after a month of Russian offensive.

Significant damage and war crimes charges

In a message on Facebook published on Thursday, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine explains that lRussian forces used cluster munitions and heavy multiple rocket launchers “who bring death and destruction”. Iryna Venediktova evokes “the most destroyed city in the Kiev region” where “Only the civilian population was targeted.” She recalls that“there is no military site” in Borodyanka and states that “yadevidence of war crimes by Russian forces at every turn “ of the city.

“The enemy treacherously bombed the residential infrastructure at night, when there were as many people as possible in their homes.”, assures the Ukrainian magistrate. She accuses the Russian soldiers of indulging in “murders, torture and beatings” civilians, as well as rape, stressing that law enforcement is gathering evidence for local and international tribunals.

The teams of France Télévisions, who were able to go to the liberated city, they also saw the destruction of many residential buildings. Our special envoys have collected testimonies from civilians, reporting summary executions.

“They killed a woman there, they burned her body in the yard. There was also a headless man, I don’t want to know what they did to her.”recounts an inhabitant to the microphone of France 3. “When they arrived in Borodyanka, they started firing indiscriminately at the tops of the houses with their tanks. As soon as they saw a window open, they opened fire.” testifies the mayor of the commune to reporters in France 2.

A balance sheet still difficult to establish

While Ukrainian rescuers have began to clean up the debris, the Ukrainian Attorney General announced the discovery of at least 26 bodies under the rubble of two apartment buildings. “It’s hard to predict how many deaths there will be” in total in the city, she adds on Facebook, as the first censuses are just beginning. Interrogated on Wednesday by the special envoys of France Télévisions, lThe mayor of the commune counted at least 200 victims.

In a video message posted Thursday night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assured that the situation in Borodyanka is “much more horrible” than in Boutcha, where images of civilian corpses aroused the fright. “There are more victims”, added the head of state. The balance sheet, which is still difficult to establish, could become heavier in the coming days.

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