What are the greatest anxieties of the French?

What are the greatest anxieties of the French?

According to a study conducted by Ifop, 18% of French people are anxious because of the current war in Ukraine.

The new study conducted by Ifop for My Benefits is devoted to the sources of anxiety of the French. The first learning of this survey is that 95% of French people aged 18 and over say they have at least one major source of stress or anxiety. Indeed, only 5% of respondents say they are not stressed or anxious.

And in the first place there is a global concern. Indeed, the war in Ukraine appears to be the number one source of anxiety for 18% of French people. At the same level, 18% of French people are also worried about their financial situation.

Other sources of anxiety include French people (13%), health (12%), work (9%), a possible global economic crisis (9%), the future of the planet, and the future. Covid-19 global epidemic (5%), sentimental life (3%) and household chores for 2% of respondents.

As the survey notes, two of the top three sources of anxiety are economic and financial. “It is found that the least favored and most precarious categories of people are the most anxious about this: the under-35s (59%), the employees (58%), the workers (57%). %) and women (45%)“, details the Ifop.

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Sport, sleep and osteopathy

So, to reduce stress, everyone has their own technique. 62% of anxious respondents took at least one action on their own initiative to get better. In mind: a physical activity. In addition, the French are also trying to improve their sleep and take care of their diet. Some chose breathing exercises and artistic activities. Only 9 and 7% of French people turn to dietary supplements and meditation.

Among those surveyed, they are 30% to consult at least one health specialist. It is the osteopath who comes in second just after the GP.

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