Westerners divided over the goals of the war waged by Ukraine

Westerners divided over the goals of the war waged by Ukraine

DECRYPTION – In Europe, but also in the United States, supporters of a diplomatic solution oppose those who only want to rely on weapons.

Even poignant and belated, the consensus of the Twenty-seven in the European Council to reduce 90% of their oil imports by the end of the year is good news for the unity of the continent. But it will probably not be enough to put together the pieces of the European puzzle, which fell apart after three months of war.

After the unanimous shock of the first weeks and the awakening of the West to Russia, the political nature of the different parts of Europe galloped back, cutting the continent in two blocks. Since the war broke out in the Donbass, Western allies have been divided over how and when to end it. In the West, the peace camp, led by France, Germany and Italy, wants to end the fighting and start negotiations as soon as possible. Berlin advocates the idea of ​​a ceasefire, which some hope will return to “business as usual». Italy has proposed a peace plan that looks like two drops of water…

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