“We need to think about the victims”: Christian Clavier speaks for the first time on the Ary Abittan case

“We need to think about the victims”: Christian Clavier speaks for the first time on the Ary Abittan case

Christian Clavier confided in the columns of Ciné Télé Revue this Friday, April 8th. The opportunity for the actor to talk about the Ary Abittan case.

Christian Clavier has been in the film for two days What have we all done to the good God?, the third part of the saga created by Philippe de Chauveron. This work was highly anticipated but it is widely talked about, especially because of its presence of Ary Abittan. Affected by a rape complaintthe comedian has not been replaced since the film was shot before being screened. He was excluded from the promotion but remained on the bill. In the columns of Ciné Télé Revue this Friday, April 8, Christian Clavier spoke for the first time. “It is essential to think about the victims and respect the presumption of innocence“, he assured first. He later quoted Claude Lelouch as saying:As he said, we will bow to the decision of justice “, he continued before adding: After, the intimacy of the people is unknown“. An opinion he gave in full transparency.

October 31, 2021, Ary Abittan was remanded in custody at the premises of the Paris Judicial Police. The day before a 23-year-old woman filed a complaint against him for rape for events that allegedly took place on the night of October 30-31. Since then, this story has been talked about a lot, especially since the presence of the actor in the film is disturbing. Last January, it was Claude Lelouch, the director, who explained why he did not want to cut Ary Abittan from editing. I would like to believe that this is a story that went wrong, but I will stick to the court decision“, had he first indicated before adding: “She will tell the truth.” According to him, justice is one fundamental value of our democracy. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people“. Thus, Claude Lelouch had assured that he wanted to leave the benefit of the doubt to the actor. “But I can’t and don’t want to judge without proof. So I let justice be done. ” he had concluded. That has the merit of being clear.

Ary Abittan: Did he mention the accusations against him?

Two days after the alleged victim’s complaint, the Point evoked the reaction of Ary Abittan. The comedian had first denied the facts and, when he was taken into custody, he allegedly asserted not knowing the reasons for it. The media had added that when he was informed that the young woman had gone to a police station to file a complaint for rape following their sexual intercourse, he would be “fell from the clouds“Indeed, Ary Abittan had indicated that both would have “only showered together and the plaintiff had left the apartment when she reportedly joined friends at a party“, one could then read. Accusations which he would have immediately denied. The actor remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.

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