War in Ukraine: Russia prepares "clean-up operation" in Severodonetsk, according to Ukrainian official

War in Ukraine: Russia prepares “clean-up operation” in Severodonetsk, according to Ukrainian official

A Ukrainian official warns that Russian troops plan to eliminate “any enemy” present in the city of Severodonetsk.

As fighting intensified in the region of Louhanskthe city of Severodonetsk became one of the main strategic points of the war.

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Yes Moscow managed to fully control Severodonetsk, it will have the entire Luzhansk region, located east ofUkraine near the Russian border.

But according to Serhii Haidai, Russia’s military administration chief would not only plan to invade the city, but would prepare for a “cleaning operation”.

Serhii Haidai, head of the regional military administration, said that “On the morning of May 31, it was learned that Russian invaders were planning a clean-up operation around Severodonetsk in the Lugansk region.” # 31May https://t.co/JTG1xASALU

– Analytica (@Analitica) May 31, 2022

A potentially deadly “cleaning operation”

According to information from this Ukrainian official, reported by The NewspapertheRussian army would aim to “comb the villages on the outskirts of Severodonetsk.”

Serhii Hadai added: “They are [les Russes] move teams with large flamethrowers for burn our army, as well as the civilian populationthey don’t care “.

After the massacres perpetrated in the city of Boutcha, the fear is therefore well present. Especially since it still remains 12,000 civilians trapped in Severodonetsk, because of the fighting that prevents them evacuation.

The “cleaning operation” that would be planned could therefore cause the death many Ukrainians.

A clear goal: the Donbass

In recent days, Russian offensives have been very clearly concentrated in the regions of Donetsk and of Louhansklocated in the Donbass.

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This border area with Russia, has been home for some time pro-Russian guerrillas supported by the Kremlin. The Donbass has been one of Russia’s main targets since the beginning of the war.

According to Haidaithe region is said to be heavily bombed by Russia.

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