War in Ukraine: Is a cholera epidemic already spreading in Marioupol?

War in Ukraine: Is a cholera epidemic already spreading in Marioupol?

After several suspected cases were identified, the Russians quarantined the city of Marioupol.

While the port city of Marioupol is under Russian control for several weeks now the living conditions of the inhabitants have been steadily deteriorating. The fighting gave way to a daily misery, where ldrinking water has become a rare commodity.

But this chaotic environment could have serious consequences. The lack of water and hygiene concerns the health authorities who fear a return of the cholera.

For the past few days, suspicious cases have already been identified, says the British Minister of Defense.

(3/5) There is likely a critical shortage of medicines in Kherson, while Mariupol is at risk of a major cholera outbreak. Isolated cases of cholera have been reported since May.

– Ministry of Defense ?? (@DefenceHQ) June 10, 2022

Is cholera dangerous?

Cholera is one digestive infection acute, which is manifested by symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

She can be deadly, especially when it is not supported. In the world, close to 100,000 people die of cholera every year.

This disease is caused by the interference ofwater or d ‘contaminated food. The chaos of Marioupol thus creates a breeding ground for cholera.

Difficult conditions

Drinking water is still very difficult to access Marioupol. The inhabitants can have only all of them 2 daysand for that they have to do the queue for several long hours, reports the Washington Post.

In addition, the mayor of Marioupol explained “Des bodies rot under the rubble of hundreds of tall buildings. And that literally poisons the air“.

While a cholera epidemic is still hypothetical at the moment, the Ukrainian health minister himself has acknowledged that: “All the preconditions are already there”.

The city will not be able to cope with a cholera epidemic

The identification of suspicious cases in Marioupol suggests that an epidemic of cholera is close or even present.

Mariupol on brink of cholera outbreak as city ‘drowns in rubbish and sewage’.

Deputy Mayor Sergeii Orlov said summer is accelerating the decomposition of ‘thousands of corps’, while Mariupol residents have no way out of the Russian-held city. https://t.co/JJRg0WDYsp

– i newspaper (@theipaper) June 7, 2022

However, the port city and its health services are not able to cope. The shortage of medicinesbut also of medical equipment further complicates the health situation.

Like indicates TF1the Russia has already placed Marioupol under forty.

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