VIDEO.  United States: stuck under driver's car, hit motorcyclist rescued by passersby

VIDEO. United States: stuck under driver’s car, hit motorcyclist rescued by passersby

Here is a new example that the adage “together we are stronger” has a great deal of truth. On Saturday, May 28, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a motorcyclist found himself trapped under a vehicle after it struck him from behind. Thanks to the people present at the scene at the time of the accident, the victim was able to be extracted, and to escape the worst.

Images from Ocean Boulevard surveillance cameras taken on Saturday afternoon show the driver arriving at full speed on the motorcycle, and hitting the motorcycle and two people on it. The passenger was ejected forward by the violence of the collision, while the car rode the driver of the two-wheeler, trapping him under his weight.

Several witnesses at the scene – Myrtle Beach police officers – as well as passing witnesses at the scene, rushed to the car in an attempt to free the victim. The force and the union of about twenty people will have freed the man, imprisoned under the machine.

Myrtle Beach police said the driver was arrested. In addition to failing to observe safe distances, he is accused of driving with an open bottle of alcohol with him.

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