VIDEO.  Two artists, Estelle and Stacy, pass on their traditions

VIDEO. Two artists, Estelle and Stacy, pass on their traditions

Estelle’s body is a true work of art. The Polynesian left the podium to become a tattoo artist. Arriving in the Hexagon as a teenager, Stacy has been a zouk singer since she was 20 years old. Outremer.story offers you the cross-portrait of two women artists, who live for their art and culture.

Outremer.story offers two portraits of Ultramarines this week. The first lives in Polynesia and the second is based in Ile-de-France. The Overseas Portal offers you the long version of overseas.story aired daily in outremer.lemag, from Monday to Friday at 10:55 on France 3.

Estelle transmits with her art the traditions of her territory, Polynesia

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In 2017, Estelle Anania was crowned InkGirl – France, the title of the most beautiful tattooed woman in the country. Her tattooed skin from head to toe invites us on a journey. Polynesian, Marquise but also Japanese tattoos cover her body. His tattoos are an integral part of his identity. Having become a tattoo artist, she tells us about her passion, the human aspect of her profession and her new project.

outremer.story Stacy

Stacy lives to the beat of the zouk

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Stacy lives in the Paris region. She is preparing to record a new sound and shoot a music video. Stacy takes care of every detail including styling. The singer grew up in Martinique. She evokes her childhood memories, country cuisine and of course her musical tastes. The artist smoked during social media confinement with a video viewed more than a million times. A real community has sprung up around it.

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Realization: Guillaume Leblond, Laurent Chevalier, David Montagne
Voiceover: Laurence Roustandjee
Duration: 26 min
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