ulcerated, Emilie (married at first glance) threatens to sue Frederick

ulcerated, Emilie (married at first glance) threatens to sue Frederick

A divorce is rarely nice to see. Even after three weeks of marriage, the respective attitudes of Emilie and Frederick testify to this. Married at first glanceet divorced at the first storm. While Internet users were saddened by their separationto which the diligent viewers virtually watched this Monday, May 30th, the two ex-spouses do not regret anything. Except for having one day laid eyes on each other. Since then, statements have been circulating on social media and in the media. Both speak up and return the ball of their failed marriage. But this Wednesday, Emilie felt that Frederick had gone too far.

“I was afraid of retaliation”

Emilie started her day by announcing to her Instagram followers that she had “decided to tell you the truth, I took the time to think and I can no longer accept this without saying anything, I have to defend myselfShe promised an explanatory video that evening about Frederick. In the evening, she postponed the task to the next day, emphasizing that she needed to think and take her time. But she still introduced her topic: “First of all, I really wanted to thank you. Whether on social media or on the street, I have a lot, a lot of support, advice, kindness. (…) You understood what was happening; so the little game, unfortunately, of Frederick. It’s a relief, because I was afraid of retaliation that I didn’t deserve“.

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“I would like to tell the truth”

Many of you have told me that I must not stoop to it, and you are right, (…) I just want to tell the truth, because it will set me free. My daughter and I didn’t really deserve that. (…) Know that I don’t want to let myself be done anymore, it’s over. There are things that are not acceptable, such as harassment, which is not normal. Someone who wants to hurt you, you can’t accept that. I’ll go all the way“Emilie concluded before finally threatening her ex, in writing, on the same story, with lawsuits after reading an article where the latter claimed that Emilie had accused him of using his disabled daughter to go on TV. “Some men can’t stand a woman being able to stand up, they’re ready for anything. He will be less cunning tomorrow“Emilie then wrote on her Instagram account. Frederick who continues his lies. My subscribers, did you hear me say something one day about this gentleman’s daughter ??? He’s unmasked so he’s trying to turn that against me. When he gets the mail from my lawyer, it’s going to be funny.

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