Top Gun: why Tom Cruise imposed hours on the young actors of Maverick - Actus Ciné

Top Gun: why Tom Cruise imposed hours on the young actors of Maverick – Actus Ciné

A very perfectionist, Tom Cruise asked the young comedians of “Top Gun: Maverick” to return to the stage of the American football game a week after the end of filming!

The feature film Top Gun: Maverick, currently in theaters, contains a scene in which Pete Mitchell and the young drivers he has under his command play beach soccer. A sequence that is obviously a nice nod to the iconic beach volleyball game in the Top Gun of 1986.

While she’s happy and quite anecdotal in the end, this US football scene in Top Gun: Maverick paradoxically took a lot of effort from the young actors. Particularly perfectionist, Tom Cruise in fact he asked the latter to return it a week after the end of filming because he was not satisfied with the result!

“We shot the stage and in the evening we all went out for milkshakes and beers.”reconte Glen Powellthe interpreter of the ship’s lieutenant Jake “Hangman” Seresin. “A week later, Tom said,” We have to do it again. It wasn’t good enough. We’re going to do it again. Everyone has to go back to the gym day and night. “ And the young comedians have to redo their physique in express mode to satisfy the Hollywood star.

To prepare for this very muscular scene, Glen Powell used and abused coconut oil to have a perfect physical appearance on screen. “The makeup artists in charge of applying the oil had to stop me. I was too slippery.”, laughs the American. And he wasn’t the only one who wanted to appear at the top, a healthy rivalry having established himself between the actors, everyone wanting to be the sharpest. “There was an incredible degree of male anxiety when the guys took off their t-shirts.”says Powell. “I can tell you the gyms were full day and night.”

Tom Cruise’s masterclass at the last Cannes Film Festival:

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