Top 5 most dangerous insects in the world

Top 5 most dangerous insects in the world

Many of these people do not like insects, worse, they feel an indescribable fear of them. By reading this article, you will not change your mind. Here are the top 5 most dangerous insects in the world.

5- The tsetse fly

You must have heard of this insect. He lives in Central Africa and carries diseases that can be deadly everywhere he goes. For example, sleeping sickness in the human brain. In addition to wanting to sleep all the time, being very tired, you may also have coordination worries, constant confusion, and a profound change in your personality. Be aware that there is no vaccine or treatment.

4- The flies

You come across it every day! But, some are more dangerous than others, especially those in areas where the climate is hot or temperate. In reality, flies lay eggs directly in the body of other insects such as ticks or mosquitoes. Then, if you get stung by these insects, the eggs will be laid under our skin at the same time. This will create holes that will allow bacteria to pass through your skin. Therefore, you may have serious infections. Luckily, there are solutions to treat you by taking antibiotics or removing the eggs by a professional.

3- The Africanized Bee

This insect is so called because it is the cross between the honey bees of Europe and the bees that come from Africa. Like giant hornets, they are very aggressive, attacking and chasing, and can sting to death. However, their venom is not necessarily more dangerous, but it is the number of stings that will play a role. These bees will sting so many times that the poison in the human being will be too great and therefore deadly.

2- Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a real scourge. Every year, about 800,000 people die from a sting from this insect. Indeed, some of them can carry deadly viruses such as malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever. For people living in the city, they are less likely to be stung by a disease-carrying insect, unlike those in the countryside.

1- The most dangerous insect is the giant water bug

We finish this top 10 of the most dangerous insects with the giant water bug. It is an insect that is found in North, South America and North Australia. The latter lives in freshwater springs, near a river or reservoir. His bite is extremely painful and you can die. So avoid crossing paths…

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