Mondial Féminin U17 : Ce soir, à 20h00, le Maroc face au Ghana pour une place en Coupe du Monde

Tonight, at 20:00, Morocco will face Ghana for a place in the World Cup

Written by A.KITABRI on Saturday, June 4, 2022

U17 Women's World Cup: Tonight, at 20:00, Morocco against Ghana for a place in the World Cup
The U17 women’s national team will have to go back to defeat against Ghana to compose their ticket to qualifying for their World Cup qualifier in India (0-2).

Moroccans will have a very difficult task this Saturday night from 20:00 at the Moulay El Hassan sports complex in Rabat. They play big: a globalist spot. Beaten by 2-0, they will have to outdo each other while remaining cautious.
Admission to the stadium is free.

The Moroccans had suffered a 0-4 defeat at home when the two teams clashed in the 2016 U17 Women’s World Cup qualifiers before losing 0-6 in the return match in Accra. This time, they lost by two goals in the first leg.

In 2018, the Moroccans bowed out in the final round against South Africa on a cumulative score of 6-1.

They will host Ghana tonight for the second time in the third attempt for a place in the world-class major U17 women’s competition. Hopefully she will be the right one.


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