Tips for speeding up slow iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone or iPad is running slow, there are a number of things you can do to improve the overall speed and performance of your slow iPhone or iPad.

How to speed up a slow iPhone

It’s not uncommon to notice a drop in the speed and overall performance of your iPhone or iPad after a period of use.

It usually happens due to the accumulation of junk files, expired or corrupted cache files, apps running in the background and various other reasons.

You should see a significant improvement in your iPhone’s speed and overall performance after implementing the tips below.

1. Power off and restart

Turning off iPhone and turning it back on is a quick way to free up RAM and improve your mobile device’s performance.

Go to settings > General > scroll down and tap shut down. On the next screen, use the toggle to turn it on OUT iPhone.

Turn off the iPhone

Wait for the iPhone to turn off completely > after 30 seconds Start anew iPhone.

2. Clear Safari cache

Regularly clearing Safari browsing history and website data removes stale cached files, which helps improve iPhone Safari browser performance.

Go to settings > safari > scroll down and tap Clear history and website data.

Option to clear history and website data in Safari on iPhone

Tap on the confirmation pop-up Clear history and data Option to clear Safari cache on your iPhone.

3. Disable background app refresh

By default, most iPhone apps tend to run in the background and consume resources even when not actively used.

Go to settings > General > Update background app > disable Update background app for unnecessary applications move the switch up OUT Position.

Disable background app refresh for apps

Note: Disabling background app refreshes also helps in improving your iPhone’s battery life.

4. Turn off Siri Suggestions

Siri can suggest apps, people, places, and more, but this feature can slow down older devices.

Go to settings > Siri & Search > Uncheck all on the next screen suggestions in the SIRI Suggestions section.

Disable Siri Suggestions on iPhone

5. Update iPhone

iPhone can slow down significantly while waiting for an iOS update to be installed on your device. So go to settings > General > software update > tap Download and install (When available).

Note: The Download and Install option only appears if an update is available.

6. Uninstall unnecessary apps

Deleting unused and unnecessary apps frees up storage space and can have a positive impact on the overall performance of your device.

Go to settings > General > iPhone storage > select the apartment you want to delete > On the next screen, scroll down and tap Delete app Possibility.

Delete app on iPhone

Repeat the above steps to delete other unnecessary apps from your device.

Alternatively, you can also delete apps on iPhone by pressing and holding app icon on the home screen and tap Delete app option in the displayed menu.

Delete the app from the iPhone home screen

7. Unload unused apps

The Offload Unused Apps feature on iPhone can automatically disable apps if they are not used for a period of time.

Go to settings > General > iPhone storage and enable Unload unused apps Possibility.

Enable the option to offload unused apps

This automatically disables unused apps on your device.

8. Reduce exercise

Reducing motion toggles the parallax effect on app icons (apps slide in/out), which makes apps open faster on iPhone.

Go to settings > Accessibility > movement > activate reduce movement Possibility.

Enable Reduce Motion option on iPhone

9. Disable power saving mode

Sometimes, the battery saver mode can be accidentally triggered on iPhone, causing your device to become sluggish.

Go to settings > battery > disable Low power mode by moving the switch to OUT Position.

Disable Sleep Mode on iPhone

Hopefully the above tips should help you to improve your slow iPhone speed.

10. Disable unnecessary app notifications

Unnecessary app notifications can be distracting and slow down your device’s performance.

Go to settings > notifications > select the apartment you want to turn off notifications for > on the next screen, move the toggle next to allow notifications to OUT position

Disable app notifications
Repeat the steps above to turn off notifications for other unnecessary and non-essential apps.


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