this terrible excuse to hide his bulimia and weight gain from his loved ones

this terrible excuse to hide his bulimia and weight gain from his loved ones

Ariane Séguillon decided to talk about the evil that has gnawed at her for years. When her little brother got cancer, the actress sank into bulimia. Christelle Moreno’s role in the TF1 series is much better today. She comes back from afar….

« I devoured up to twelve chopsticks at a time, seven camemberts or ten packets of cakes… Being bulimic is finir a jar of mustard when the fridge is empty. It’s becoming obese, having ultra-painful tendons… Not being able to see her feet anymore… And being ashamed of not being able to get up after sitting on the floor. Morbid obesity is a form of suicide“, Says Ariane Séguillon to our colleagues from Here it is.

Ariane Séguillon: “When you’re bulimic, you hide: a bit like an alcoholic hiding bottles”

To get rid of this weight, the actress decided to write a book, without taboos. In his book La Grosse, she returns to this sad period and her fight against bulimia and weight gain. The click to write this book? “I just wanted to tell the truth. ” she explains to our colleagues Midi Libre. “It kind of started when I told the press and on social media that I was bulimic, and that I was getting fat because of this disease. It went public, and some media outlets said a little bit of anything and everything, like the fact, for example, that I lost 45 pounds while doing sports. Which is wrong. ” she added.

And to clarify: “It may happen, but it was not my case because I was bulimic. So I did found, in spite of me, a spokesperson for this disease, and there are so many people who have written to me, who are suffering, that it has made me want to tell my story. Especially since I was contacted by a publisher who was looking for someone to talk about the disease, as there are few books of testimonials on the subject, so I decided to do it. I finally signed with another publisher, but it allows me to tell the whole truth about what I went through. ”

Ariane Séguillon: She eventually became aware of her illness thanks to her son

Fortunately, she eventually became aware of her illness, and the need for treatment. “It’s like drugs, we don’t talk about it, and we don’t even think about it. Healing begins the day one realizes that one is bulimic. Before that, there is no awareness. But if one really has to talk about this trigger that led me to the path of healing. It probably came the day I lied to my son. Concerning several packages of cakes that had ‘disappeared’. I had obviously swallowed them the day before, but I denied it before he put me in front of him. ” does it recognize in the columns of the Midi Libre.

From then on, nothing was the same. “There I told myself that something had to be done, that I could not lie to my son. From there, I tried a lot to try and get out of it. Until I finally realized that it was my head that needed it heal. This is probably the most important thing to understand: this ‘why’, these things to settle inside, before attempting an operation, a diet, or anything else. ” continues like this the mother of Dorian Lauduique of the Ofenbach group.

Well-crafted tactics to deceive those around him….

The hardest part was for her to hide his disease to those around him. « Going to the restaurant with friends, for example, was a time of torture because you had to eat like normal people: a starter, a main course, a dessert… It’s kind of like giving a single taff smoker. ” she told Le Temps.I was looking forward to going back to my room so I could get serious and calm down. When you are bulimic, you hide: kind of like an alcoholic hiding bottles, I hid food all over the house because, at that time, my son was still living with me.She testified.

And to hide her pain from her friends, she had one sorry all found. « To friends who were a little embarrassed by my weight gain, I replied that it was for a role in a movie.«, she thus revealed to our confreres of Here it is. Today, she’s finally freeing herself from lies and other scams. Congratulations on her fight against the disease.

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