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These 2 euro coins that could be worth more than 2,000 euros if you have them!

A coin collection website has discovered 11 2-euro coins that could sell for more than 2,500 euros.

But it’s not just the oldest coins and banknotes that collectors are looking for. The most unique coins and banknotes, such as those from distant lands, those with a defect that makes them unique, or limited editions, are also among the coins to collect.

The site “Coin Collectors” has published a list of coins of 2 euros the most valuable on the market. According to them, some of them could be worth more than 2,500 euros. Exclusive and limited items that are likely to be valued at fil years.

However, all pieces in this collection are not necessarily worth this amount maximum. To do this, they must meet certain conditions, such as the fact that the piece be in perfect condition.

According to the list presented by the “Coin Collector” portal, the 2 euro coin the most expensive is the one issued in Monaco in 2007. Its value is close of 2,700 euros.

It should be noted that this piecelike the others on the list published by the website, is not in circulation, but that they are unique pieces created for the celebration of an event or other action and intended for collectors.


Monaco, 2007, circulation 20,001, 2,690 euros.

Lithuania, 2021draw 500, 2,000 euros.

Monaco, 2015 print run 10,000, 990 euros.

Monaco, 2016 print run 15,000, 490 euros.

Monaco, 2017 print run 15,000, 350 euros.

Monaco, 2018 print run 16,000, 280 euros.

Monaco, 2019 print run 15,000, 275 euros.

Vatican, 2005 circulation 10,000, 260 euros.

Vatican, 2006 circulation 100,000, 190 euros.

San Marino, 2004 print run 110,000, 145 euros.

Vatican, 2004 circulation 100,000, 130 euros.

The coin struck in Monaco in 2007 is not the only one to be estimated at 2,000 euros. Another coin issued in Lithuania in 2021 also reaches the same figure and the 2015 Monaco strike is close to 1,000 euros.

For numismatists looking to get their hands on one of these unique piecesor those who are currently searching each 2 euro coin drawer to see if they do not own a high value coin, it is always advisable to get expert approval before buying or selling the item. ‘one of those pieces.

2 euros

It is very important to be clear on the year of issue, the series to which it belongs and the status of the conversation. These are the variants which make the piece more or less valuable.

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