"The worst mother in the world!"  : A mom from many families is full of figures, explanations

“The worst mother in the world!” : A mom from many families is full of figures, explanations

When they do not share their moments of intimacy in front of the cameras of TF1, it is on social media that the now well-known clans of viewers indulge in a few confidences. And the least one can say is that the daily life of the tribes of Large families, life in XXL is not always pink. Amandine Pellissard, threatened with death on several occasions, may testify to this. Other moms also recount moments that are not obvious to live through. This is the case of Justine Cordulewho grabbed his Instagram account to share an anecdote.

This Friday, April 8, 2022, it is in story on the image-sharing social network that this mom of a sibling family of seven children – that little Lyson came to complete last March – publish a few words. “This morning, Tom was angry with me because there is no more colored ink in the printer. Et he said to me, ‘You are the worst mother in the world!’“, says Justine Cordule, certainly annoyed by this harsh sentence, especially from the mouth of his own son. But there is no doubt that the words were far beyond the thought of the young boy!” And then I received a text from Tom “, continues the young blonde. And to reveal the content of this SMS:”Mom? You are the nicest mom in the world. And I love you.“Ugh, everything quickly got back to normal between mother and son!

Justine Cordule is not the first mom of Large families, life in XXL to have been called a bad mother today. Indeed, the day before, it was Ambre Dol who tackled herself, still on the social network for sharing images. “Who is the unworthy mother who forgot that carnival was today? And my little Joaquim who didn’t have a costume … I couldn’t leave work … I thought it was Friday. I cried like a madeleine“She confessed, disappointed herself. But again, it was all over. Indeed, Amber Dol had explained that her lover had been called to the rescue.”Rest assured, Dad took the Spiderman costume!she had confided. More fear than harm, then!

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