The White House denies any reports of Vladimir Putin's ill health

The White House denies any reports of Vladimir Putin’s ill health

In an article published this week, the weekly “Newsweek” reported, based on a US intelligence report, that Vladimir Putin was suffering from cancer. The White House denies the existence of such a report.

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In the midst of war with Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s health remains a mystery. The White House on Thursday, June 2, denied the American weekly’s information Newsweek (in English) which claims that the Russian president is suffering from cancer “at an advanced stage”.

The newspaper cites a classified US intelligence report, a report that, according to the National Security Council, does not exist as an agency of the US presidency. Citing three US intelligence sources, the weekly reports that the Russian president was hospitalized in April for the disease. The magazine also cites the Kremlin leader’s latest public appearances, lack of contact with his interlocutors, and long tables to separate guests.

“The information that such an assessment of the information exists and that the President has been informed is not true”responded the National Security Council.

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