Un nouvel effet indésirable des vaccins vient d'être publié : le besoin impérieux d'uriner. © Rawf8, Adobe Stock

the urgent need to urinate!

If the disease in Covid-19 has not finished revealing all its mysteries, the same may be true of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. Indeed, more than two years after the start of the vaccination campaign in France, a new side effect of vaccines has been identified: the urgent need to urinate.

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To date, 79.7% of the French population has received two doses of vaccine (complete primary vaccination) and 59.5% received 3 doses. Vaccines against Covid-19 are feared and rejected by a section of the population. These people are apprehensive, among other things, about the occurrence of side effects that could not have been observed during the clinical trials. While most of the side effects that occur at the time or days after the injection are now well known and described – pain at the injection site, fever, fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, chills – a new, more unexpected side effect has just been highlighted. These are urinary disorders. The work, from a Taiwanese team, was published in the journal Journal of Clinical Medicine.

How was the study conducted?

Data were collected via an online questionnaire, anonymously (n = 889). All subjects were vaccinated with one of the vaccines authorized in Taiwan (Moderna n = 89, Pfizer-BioNTech n = 171, AstraZeneca n = 586, Medigene Vaccine Biologic n = 43). The questions were about urinary side effects. The items were: frequency diurnal d ‘issue urine, frequency nocturnal urine output, urgent need to urinate, urinary incontinence. Elements concerning age, sex, comorbidities, vaccine received, history of urinary problems. Seventy-one patients (8%) had urinary problems before vaccination.

Urinary disorders in 13.4% of respondents

In summary, 119 (13.4%) subjects experienced urinary adverse events, of which 49 (5.5%) required medical consultation. The symptoms described were: a compelling need and an increase in the frequency of urine output. Unsurprisingly, people already prone to urinary problems before vaccination were more likely to have a urinary adverse event after vaccination than others.

What are the causes?

The authors have no definite explanation for this phenomenon, but several hypotheses can be put forward. On the one hand, the immune system is strongly stimulated after vaccination and this could have an impact on the composition of urine. On the other hand, vaccination triggers an inflammatory process that could affect the muscles of the bladder ; this could explain the symptoms described by patients after vaccination. Nevertheless, further research is needed on the subject to understand the underlying mechanisms.

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