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The United States is pushing Europe to help them fight China

In the current war of influence between the United States and China, Washington is seeking to strengthen its alliance with the Europeans. In the wake of a recent speech by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who denounced the fact that Beijing was the main threat to the world order, despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the number two in the department. U.S. Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on Thursday called on Europe to help the United States counter China’s growing influence in the world.

The « economic harassment From China on Europe

While denouncing China’s desire for hegemony in the world, Wendy Sherman handed over a layer of it during a video conference from Washington to the European press. To persuade the Old Continent to join forces to fight China’s hegemony, she denounced the ” economic harassment Of China vis-à-vis Europe. She cited China’s recent blockade of Lithuanian exports as an example; the fact that Beijing has “ failed to deliver The construction of a highway in Montenegro. Or the difficulties of the German equipment maker Adidas, which suffered in the first quarter of a sharp decline in sales in China, due to the Covid-19 epidemic and which is also the target of calls for a boycott in the country.

« Even though Beijing is thousands of miles away (..), China’s actions impact Europe’s future Said Wendy Sherman, welcoming the current co-operation with Europeans in this area while wishing ” align our approaches ». Among other things, the US diplomat emphasized that ” everyone is thinking about supply chain issues In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

« The United States is not looking for conflict With China or ” decouple Their economy is that of China, the deputy secretary of state said again. « We do not want a new Cold War She said, but Beijing cannot be relied upon to change its behavior ».

On the other hand, while Russia says it is ready to replace its economic ties with the West with Chinathe US diplomat stressed that the United States was ” attentive To this alliance. She even threatened Beijing. consequences If ever the Chinese authorities decide to send equipment (weapons)ed) to Russia, which is not currently the case.

Moscow-Beijing rapprochement

Moscow is increasingly distancing itself from the Western bloc, which has imposed a series of sanctions on it following the invasion of Ukraine. In fact plagued by a dizzying recession in its economy due to sanctions imposed on it, the Kremlin is seeking new alliances, starting with its Chinese neighbor. «Now that the West has taken a ‘dictatorial’ stance, our economic ties with China will grow even faster.Russia’s foreign minister has recently said that China has information and communication technology. in no way inferior To those of the West.

To which Wendy Sherman also responded by denouncing the fact that Beijing was massively relaying a whole series of ” misinformation From Moscow. And to conclude: ” Quite frankly, I think Russia and Putin will be outcasts for a very long time, and I’m not sure China will benefit. ». For its part, the European Union has already denounced a ” worrying pact Between Russia and China and called on China to defend the multilateral system ».

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