the UFC-What to choose reveals 5 products not to be bought at the discounter!

the UFC-What to choose reveals 5 products not to be bought at the discounter!

Every week, Lidl manages to get the crowds moving in its shelves.

In ten days, Lidl has given itself a prominent place in the retail landscape.

Indeed, the German brand has continuously gained market share from its competitors.

Lidl now has a 6.2% market share in mass distribution in France, which is still far from the 20% of Leclerc, the historical leader, but it is enough to revolutionize and change the consumption habits of French.

But in November 2021, Lidl recalled products in the store that contain too high a level of THC compared to legal obligations! And most importantly, the UFC-Que Choisir consumer association has just demonstrated that Cien brand products are very harmful to health. Decryption.

A new scandal for the German brand

Lidl finds itself at the heart of a scandal! The yellow and blue German brand usually talks about it for its crazy promos. But this time, it’s not that but for a real “bad buzz”. Lidl has to remove Cannabidiol (CBD) products from its shelves. CBD is a hemp substance that does not contain any psychoactive substances, ie no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

In many European countries, therefore, CBD products are over-the-counter. But the law is strict. Because the THC level must be less than or equal to 0.2%. Otherwise, the product falls into the range of illicit products! But Lidl has found itself selling products that contain much more THC than expected!

Hemp varieties contain different molecules. Unlike THC, CBD does not alter cognitive function. It can be consumed in the form of oil, herbal tea, cupcakes or steam. Lidl follows the trend and now offers its customers an organic oil “Via d’or”. Problem: Experts have just shown that this oil contains too much THC. The brand had to carry out an extensive recall campaign, under the watchful eye of the authorities.

With the QuelProduit app, the Cien articles turned red!

This is not the first time Lidl must recall one of its products. Indeed, last year, a Silvercret handheld vacuum cleaner posed a serious safety issue as it could catch fire! This product was sold on the Lidl Belgium website in September 2020 but also in stores located in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Following the THC oil scandal, Lidl is facing criticism from the UFC-What to Choose. Indeed, its Cien products, Lidl’s beauty brand, would not live up to it. In particular 3 products whose ingredients are cold in the back!

It was through the QuelProduit application that the consumer association made it possible to highlight the toxicity of these products. These are three items sold under the Cien brand. To put it simply, the QuelProduit app classifies products into 4 categories. It goes from green (no risk) to red (significant risk). And guess what color the Lild items were assigned? The red!

Otrocrylene and propylparaben, an endocrine disruptor!

SPF 50 Cien Sun children’s sunscreen, Cien’s Classic cream and Cien’s aloe vera liquid soap are Lidl’s very bad students. Otrocrylene is found in sunscreen. Same for face cream. As for aloe vera soap, it contains propylparaben. It is a dangerous endocrine disruptor!

In any case, the Lidl model seems to have won the sympathy of the French. If the German brand is still far from overshadowing the mastodon Leclerc, however, it manages to catch up with its competitor Auchan. A first for a hard discount brand! Will these latest scandals tarnish the image of the German brand? Not sure.

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