the suspected case is negative

the suspected case is negative

The suspected case of simian smallpox in NB obtained a negative test result, according to the Ministry of Health.

Minister Dorothy Shephard said Wednesday that the first suspected case of monkeypox had been identified in New Brunswick.

The test result is negative, it was learned on Friday.

According to Public Health, the person suspected of contracting the disease sought medical advice for another problem unrelated to the disease. She also mentioned that she had experienced some symptoms before.

Samples were collected for laboratory testing, and monkeypox was not detected in this person.

“However, because these samples were not taken when the symptoms were present, we cannot safely rule out smallpox smallpox,” said Michelle Guénard, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health.

She explains that Public Health has contacted the person and their close contact to inform them to keep an eye on the onset of symptoms and report them immediately.

“The risk to the public of this suspicious case is VERY low.”

The spokeswoman also said that public health will only report confirmed cases in the future.

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