the story of a war that lasts

the story of a war that lasts

French tv presenter Alessandra Sublet arrives for the screening of the film “Mascarade” during the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 27, 2022. (Photo by LOIC VENANCE / AFP) (Photo by LOIC VENANCE / AFP via Getty Images)

This Friday, June 3, 2022, Alessandra Sublet is back on TF1, this time in charge of the big host competition. And one thing is for sure: in front of her, we will not find Thierry Ardisson. Ten years ago, the man in black suddenly attacked his sister… and did not stop for many years. Back to a media war that lasted too long.

It’s no secret: in the French audiovisual landscape, there are personalities who don’t like each other. Really not. As old as the one that separates Arthur’s Cyril Hanounathe confusion between Alessandra Sublet and Thierry Ardisson lasts for ten years now. So much time during which the two animators kept invective each other through interposed media. And it all started with Thierry Ardisson’s scathing comments.

Video. Alexandra Sublet’s The Minute

The first review in a long series

Back in 2012. That year, Thierry Ardisson gave an interview to Paris Match magazine. Asked about the schedule, he suddenly decides to go for it Alessandra Sublet, then at the controls of C à vous on France 5. “Alessandra Sublet on the chain of knowledge is still a climax. She chuckles, she giggles a lot. I even feel like she’s just doing that!” A year later, the opportunity was too great: as Alexandra Sublet left C to you, the man in black attacked her again on the airwaves of Europe 1: “She was laughing , she bragged every night in her show that she had no culture, that she did not know that the war of the 40’s had begun in the 40’s. […] It’s a style of animation where you laugh to fill the void. We laugh, we laugh, we laugh to fill the void… That’s when we don’t have much to say, that’s for sure. “

Old-fashioned TV lovers, Thierry Ardisson was then convinced that the French were as offended as he was to see Alessandra Sublet on France 5, which “was created as the chain of knowledge, the fact of finding there, every night, Alessandra Sublet, c ‘ It’s a little paradoxical, isn’t it? ” he hammered relentlessly. And to add, almost for the form: “I have nothing against her, she succeeds very well, she is very friendly. There is no hatred, it’s just a finding.” Wow, we almost thought that …

It must be said that Thierry Ardisson has some bitterness in him. In 2016, on the set of his show then broadcast on C8, Hello Earthlings, he explained why he hated C to you, a “parody show” in his sense: “They stole our idea of ​​dinner and now they “So, bottom line is that we’re really looking forward to it.” Is this the real object of his wrath against Alessandra Sublet? You will never really know. On the other hand, the facilitator quickly learned how to defend herself.

Video. Thierry Ardisson resurrects missing stars in ‘Hotel du temps’

The counterattack

At first, Alessandra Sublet preferred not to say anything, leaving Thierry Ardisson free to attack her for free. Then, when asked about it on the airwaves of Europe 1 in 2014, she allowed herself a bang on her opponent: “I think he’s in love with me. You know, it’s like guys screwing you up a bit because in fact they are attracted to you, but they dare not tell you. ” Sacrilege! Touched in his strong interior, Thierry Ardisson had replied with a loud bang through an open letter. “Alessandra, I met you once, four years ago, on the set of C to You. I’ve never flirted with you, I’m not in love with you. Sorry. I love my wife, Audrey Crespo-Mara.

In 2017, Thierry Ardisson put a piece back in the machine talking about Alessandra Sublet in an interview with Télé Cable Sat: “Unfortunately I was right to say at the time that it had nothing to do with France 5, “The culture and knowledge chain. She said I was old, jealous, at the end of my career. For her part, the principal concerned had responded, always in a humorous tone, to her Twitter account.

In 2018, on the airwaves of RTL, the host added a layer of it: “The rare time I said ‘He must be madly in love with me’, he blew a lead! I realized that Pépé Zinzin was still hyper first degree. ” Three years later, when asked by Puremédias about this long-lasting mess, Alessandra Sublet scoffed this time at Thierry Ardisson’s absence from the media: “I want to ask you: what is it? is Daddy Zinzin right now? ” Before he became more serious about all this unpacking: “At the time, I was never bruised by Thierry’s attacks. It was the game. The only time I turned against him, he I took him very badly because I ended up telling him that he must be very much in love with me (…) I have admiration and respect for Thierry’s career, but it would seem that my career is still going on, where hers has stopped, “she said. A few weeks ago, announcing the end of her career as a facilitatorAlessandra Sublet had a few words for Thierry Ardisson: “I leave him the field open!”

In all this bazaar, there was a time when things were thought to be settled. It was 2015, and Thierry Ardisson was assuring her on Europe 1: “It’s true that I worked a little hard on her and she didn’t deserve it so much. I always need to have a Turkish head, it amuses me, but it’s like when I was little, I ripped off the wings of flies, it’s not something we have to do but we like to make it suffer “Fly like that. I have to be a little careful because it’s a little ridiculous sometimes.” But obviously, the clash machine has gotten better over the years.

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