The situation remains confusing in Sievierodonetsk, where "street fighting continues", according to Kiev

The situation remains confusing in Sievierodonetsk, where “street fighting continues”, according to Kiev situation on the mapEnlarge

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Cover image: A Ukrainian woman walks in front of a residential building damaged by a Russian missile strike in the town of Soledar, not far from Sievierodonestk, in the Donbass, eastern Ukraine, on June 4, 2022. ARIS MESSINIS / AFP

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  • Russia believes it has met some of its goals of “Special military operation” that she triggered for “Denazify” Ukraine and protect its Russian-speaking population. The Louhansk region is said to be 90% under control of Russia, according to the British Department of Defense. “Victory will be ours”for his part, retorted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday (June 3rd) in a Instagram videowhere he appears in front of the presidential administration building in Kiev with several of his collaborators.
  • Fighting is raging in Sievierodonetsk where “Fighting continues for total control” of the city, said the Ukrainian Army Staff. The governor of Louhansk region, Serhi Haidai, admitted that “The situation throughout the region” was “Extremely difficult.”
  • In the South, especially in Kherson, Ukrainians are worried about a possible annexation of the conquered regions by Russian forces, with Moscow calling for referendums on the subject as early as July. But according to the southern command of the Ukrainian armed forces, the Russians are facing very strong resistance from the population.
  • There is growing concern about grain supplies, especially in Africa. The continent imports more than half of its grain from Ukraine and Russia. Concerns swept by Vladimir Putin, who mentioned several ways to export them, he said. Acting President of the African Union (AU) and Senegalese Head of State Macky Sall said “Reassured” on Friday after meeting with the Russian president. The Ukrainian foreign minister said on Friday that Ukraine was ready for “To resume exports from the port of Odessa”provided what “Russia is not taking advantage of the trade route to attack the city.”
  • The European Union has banned most Russian oil imports with an embargo in six months, in its sixth package of sanctions against Moscow in order to dry up the financing of the war against Ukraine, after arduous negotiations due to pressure from Hungary.
  • Switzerland has rejected a request from Denmark to send twenty-two armored vehicles made in Ukraine. The Swiss War Equipment Act, also known as the “Neutrality Act”, prohibits the transfer of weapons, ammunition and other war material manufactured in Switzerland to countries involved in international conflicts.

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