The sequence on the birth of Agnès Pavoni shocks internet users

The sequence on the birth of Agnès Pavoni shocks internet users

This Thursday, June 9, the episode of “Large Families” was marked by the birth of Agnès Pavoni. A sequence that shocked Internet users. Screenshot TF1

This Thursday, June 9, in “Many Families”, Agnès Pavoni gave birth to her little girl. An important event that was captured by the cameras. Upon discovering these images, Internet users were shocked. For them, childbirth is an “intimate” moment that is not shared.

Les large families the most famous on the small screen were back this Thursday, June 9, in an unreleased episode aired on TF1. If in the previous day’s issue, Nicolas Santoro amused the internet users a lot, this time the emotion reached its climax. It must be said that this new episode of “Large families, life in XXL“was marked by childbirth of Agnès Pavoni. Already the mother of four children, Romain Pavoni’s wife was looking forward to this moment. And for good reason! She finally gave birth to her first baby girl after having four boys.

Discover the original first name of a new baby from Many Families:

“Cameras, not possible”

If this sequence breathed joy with the birth of little Angelina Pavoni, it also shocked Twitter followers. It must be said that childbirth is an intimate moment that many women prefer to keep for themselves. However, Agnès Pavoni agreed that this important event in her life would be filmed from start to finish … For internet users, this sequence was considered particularly embarrassing, especially since the mother of five had a caesarean section.

Female tweets also shared their misunderstanding on the social network. Why were the cameras present when sometimes, during a cesarean section, the father can’t even be by the mother’s side? For netizens, these “intimate” images of this delivery were “too much” and some even lamented a desire to “buzz”.

Angelina charms internet users

Nevertheless, the arrival of little Angelina, who is doing wonderfully, has touched the Web. This little girl weighs 3,130 pounds and measures 51 centimeters. Upon discovering this baby’s face, many netizens melted away. The youngest of the Pavoni clan has already charmed her world.

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