Test Fire Emblem Three Hopes : le RPG cède à la mode des Musô, une bonne idée ?

the RPG gives way to Musô fashion, a good idea?

Like the first Fire Emblem Warriors, this Three Hopes episode is also a true “Warriors” and therefore a Musō. But while his predecessor offered to play with different characters from different parts of the Fire Emblem saga, he calms down a bit with the stories of parallel universes and prefers to develop an original plot set in the universe of the Three Houses. . And since this episode is among the best in the series, it’s obviously a really good idea! The scene puts us in front of the old hero (or heroine) Byleth, who has become the main enemy of Shez, the new hero (or heroine, the choice is up to the player). In the end, it is the students of the military academy, surveyed from top to bottom three years ago, who are most pleased. Petra, the foreign student who usually makes language mistakes, is our favorite, but everyone can find her favorite, as the cast is rich with several dozen characters. These are divided into three houses, which will give the most relentless the opportunity to play three times and thus benefit from a gigantic life.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

The most reasonable players who settle for exploring a single path can count on forty hours of adventure, which is far from insignificant. Note that in addition to the standard difficulty settings (easy, normal, difficult), the game offers us to choose between a beginner mode and a classic mode. In the first case the characters who fall in battle rise after the battle, while in the second they are definitely lost. Three Hopes also allows you to switch between two game styles called “Progressive” or “Fast and Efficient” at any time. This choice essentially influences the presence or absence of certain screens (level changes and mission briefings). Here we find the will of the promoters to take care of the quality of life, as we have already underlined in our test of Three Houses. For example, it is again possible to access the history of dialogs.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes


Fire Emblem: Three HopesOn the other hand, Musō obliges, turn-based combat is no longer relevant here. As warriors arrived in the first dynasty, most of the opposing troops served as sword feed and rolled up without even attempting retaliation. This is a classic behavior for the genre, and that contributes to the feeling of power distilled to the player. He still has to regularly face tougher opponents, be they goalkeepers, thieves or “named” enemies who intervene on stage. Three Houses even occasionally puts us in front of monsters, giants, equipped with various protections to explode, and releasing rare resources (a look at Monster Hunter?). Obviously, special effects fuse everywhere, deaths number in the thousands, and we spend a lot of time digging into the pile without thinking too much. But if this aspect of “nag” brings satisfaction, it is far from being synonymous with stupidity or simplicity.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

The combat system is really rich in many subtleties and mechanics. Normal blows, power blows, combos, class action, stop, dodge, skills, magic, special skills, unique techniques, emblem effects, wake-up indicator, weapon attributes, possibility to temporarily use an assistant or even and a whole stun indicator that will allow you to place critical hits are, for example, part of the game. Accompanied by the advantages of one weapon over another, the ability to move from one character to another at any time, the need to capture strengths and a well-designed interface that allows you to give orders to attack, defend or capture our comrades. . Want even more game mechanics? Rest assured, Three Hopes has provided you with a camp equipped with documents to collect, a training area, merchants, buildings to improve, dishes to cook and a whole relationship management system. As in Tres Cases, it is possible to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the different characters through work to be done together, support for dialogues, or even the offer of gifts. In addition, the interface of the camp has the good taste of letting us choose between free movement or the use of shortcuts to teleport to the most important places and interlocutors. Oh, and there’s also a war map that lets you capture areas and acquire strategic resources. Don’t throw more!

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes


Fire Emblem: Three HopesAs you can see, Three Hopes is anything but a stupid, nasty Musō. The game inherits a lot of RPG-printed mechanics and really lives up to its “Fire Emblem” name. Even the dialogues are generally well written, with a few touches of humor that got it right. However, Anglophobes may regret the absence of French voices, but fortunately the English version is high quality and so are the French subtitles! The abundance of mechanics can also cause some teeth to sink, because you really have to concentrate on remembering them all and using them properly. But it’s better than the other way around. The repetitiveness of the missions will also be highlighted by some, even if it is a bit like those who want it. In the end, the main flaw of the game lies simply in its graphic design. Nothing really embarrassing, but the very pronounced nickname, the slightly simplistic decorations, the low resolution, the low-detail textures and the unexpressive faces make us go back a few years. We’ve seen more Switch exclusives (and much worse ones too). So you probably won’t come to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes for their plastic, but you’ll definitely stay there for their universe and their fights.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes


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