Avian and human flu: Precautions to be taken

The number of cases of simian smallpox in the country could rise in the coming days

The Federal Public Health Service now lists 112 cases of smallpox in the country and expects many more cases in the coming days.

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Quebec remains the most affected province with 98 confirmed cases, compared to 9 in Ontario, 4 in Alberta and 1 in British Columbia. That’s seven times more than on May 25, when the federal agency reported a total of 16 cases, all in Quebec.

More cases will be added in the coming days as “many” suspicious samples are currently being studied in the laboratory, the D said.re Theresa Tam, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Federal Public Health recommends vaccinating people in high-risk groups.

Although the disease can affect anyone, the 112 cases currently listed in the country are all men between the ages of 20 and 63. Most have had sex with another man, but not all.

The virus can be transmitted through close contact between people, including droplets (saliva, postling, sneezing, etc.). That’s why the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that people who may be in close contact with patients wear the mask.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization urged countries to increase their health surveillance measures to “identify all cases and contact cases to control this outbreak and prevent infection.”

More than 1,000 cases of simian smallpox have been reported in 29 countries.

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