La Zone Mazaurette : Amber Heard, victime pas assez idéale

The Mazaurette Zone: Amber Heard, not ideal enough victim – Daily

After 52 days of trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the jury handed down its verdict. The actress is found guilty of defamation against her ex-husband, after denouncing in a newspaper the domestic violence they allegedly suffered. For 52 days, live, the whole world was able to witness the unpacking of the intimacy of a dysfunctional and violent couple. For the past 52 days, there has been extreme public polarization in favor of Johnny Depp. Hundreds of thousands of videos mocking Amber Heard, each of her physical reactions or speeches, have been posted on social media, led by Tik Tok. How did you get into a situation where a woman who reports violence finds herself the victim of more violence?


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