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The Lovis oral platform is aimed at the general public

The Lovis TeledentalCare platform has just received the Silver Valley Award, which recognizes French innovations in the service of the advancing age of the population. The oral tele-care solution, aimed at seniors and people with disabilities, has just opened its access to the general public. The oral platform offers a connection ” with remote data collection before an appointment that generates information and advice. It also allows for post-appointment monitoring by the practitioner Says Dr. Charles Faroche, a dental surgeon and co-founder of the start-up.

The platform offers the patient a service of information and advice on his situation. It allows him to pass on information about his situation to the practitioner. She also provides advice on oral hygiene.

The interest for the practitioner is to improve ” the communication he maintains with his patient. This helps to enhance the prevention for example by providing tailored hygiene advice. Thus the patient is more educated and able to make a decision with respect to a possible treatment plan or simply a management ». Analysis of Lovis preprocessed data before or after the appointment generates alerts to the practitioner if the patient’s situation requires an appointment. The latter may, in view of the alert triggered by the platform, decide to summon the patient to the office.

Oral telemedicine

The oral platform also offers an oral telemedicine service. « Pre-diagnosis software is available for practitioners in trauma and oral dermatology, as well as endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics or implantology. ». She offers practitioners a guide to conduct and a treatment plan. « We are the only ones to my knowledge to offer the use of fingerprints in telemedicine Notes Charles Faroche.


The digital tool also allows «iquickly identify an emergency situation to enable a professional to act as simply and quickly as possible Thus providing a service to his patient. In the event of a traumatic emergency, it also provides the patient with the first actions to be taken.

If medical teleconsultation is in full swing, it remains minor in dentistry and does not benefit from Medicare reimbursement. For the geriatric dental surgeon, oral telemedicine must be able to be performed to meet the need. ” cognitive impairment of patients through exchanges with practitioners, as they need reassurance ”.

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