The jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is also an exceptional cake

The jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is also an exceptional cake

Capture @NorwichCastle on Twitter

Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee is also an exceptional cake (Capture @NorwichCastle on Twitter)

“Have you ever seen something as beautiful as this cake?”

Some have obviously picked up the recipe for the famous Victoria sponge cake, a “sponge cake” that Queen Victoria loved, made of raspberry jam and vanilla cream, inserted between two layers of airy genoa.

“Victoria sponge cake, with vanilla butter cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries – an order for a platinum jubilee celebration.”

Others preferred to make cupcakes or cakes decorated with sugar paste.

A lemon pudding chosen platinum jubilee cake

An official cake has already been chosen for this platinum jubilee at a pudding contest organized especially for the occasion. This is a rolled lemon roll sprinkled with amaretti that won the competition on May 12th.

The ingredients of success? A rolled genoise, topped with Saint Clement’s jelly (orange and lemon jam), lemon custard, amaretti (Italian almond cookies), tangerine grout, whipped cream, orange peel, chocolate chips and amaretti pieces.

Indeed, the jury unanimously approved the culinary creation of 31-year-old Jemma Melvin, an advertiser, who was crowned “platinum pudding for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations.”

The recipe thus joins the history of British cuisine, in the footsteps of the “coronation chicken”, created for the coronation of the queen in 1953, or the “Victoria sponge”, say the organizers of the contest, the result of which was announced on the BBC.

Among the required criteria: being tailored for a queen, being perfect to be made at home and withstanding the test of time.

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