the identity of Gerard Piqué's mistress revealed ... and you will be shocked

the identity of Gerard Piqué’s mistress revealed … and you will be shocked

Nothing goes right with the couple formed by Shakira and Gerard Piqué. Crazy lovers since 2011 and parents of two adorable boys, Sasha (9 years old) and Milan (7 years old), the singer and footballer have not lived together for a few weeks, according to the Spanish press. Gerard Piqué officiating at FC Barça, the happy family has been living in Barcelona for a very long time.

If a few months ago, the two young men were complicit and in love on social media, their family balance has just shattered… and the 35-year-old footballer is said to be the cause of the turmoil. As several Iberian journalists have revealed, Gerard Piqué is currently in the midst of an existential crisis, preferring to party every night, rather than playing the devoted husband and father. Worse, Shakira allegedly toasted him in the arms of another woman, causing them to break up suddenly.

The identity of Gerard Piqué’s mistress is revealed
What was just a rumor 48 hours ago, however, is beginning to clarify and take an even more outrageous turn. This Friday, June 2, the identity of the alleged mistress of the footballer was revealed. According to Turkish journalist Melih Esat Açil, Gerard Piqué had an affair with the mother of his FC Barcelona teammate Pablo Gavi!

Shakira caught Gerard Piqué having an affair with another woman. This woman turned out to be the mother of the young Barcelona star Pablo Gavi. Gavi is unaware of the incident ” writes the journalist in the caption of a photo where the woman in question appears.

Ironically or a well-thought-out tackle, Shakira released a song called “Te Felicito” last April, in which she sings: “It was the drop that overflowed the vase. Don’t tell me you’re sorry. It sounds sincere but I know you well and I know you are lying. Your wound did not open my skin, but it opened my eyes. I blushed at them for crying out for you […] Congratulations, you are doing well. Continue with your role. This show is for you. ”


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