The horoscope for Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The horoscope for Friday, June 3, 2022

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In your sector 2, goods and money, Mercury was retro and in dissonance with Saturn. Since May 10, you have had to wait to be sent money or to be able to use your money for an expense. But it looks like you have an obstacle! Mercury is no longer retro and you will get what you want by the end of next week.


Mercury is in your 3rd dean, but stops downgrading from today. However, his dissonance with Saturn is not over, so be patient if you have a difficult job to finish or if you have not been able to contact some people. This will be gradually resolved by the end of next week.


Mercury is the planet that manages your sign, and the fact that it is resuming a direct march today will certainly help the 3rd dean. However, she’s still out of tune with Saturn until June 11, don’t expect answers, openings, news before that date, but you’ll feel less tired.


Mercury Retrograde has been in your project sector for the 3rd time since May 24th. It would not be surprising if you had to complain about slowness, both in professional life and in the functioning of an organ. A project has also been blocked for some time, but give yourself a week and it will change.


Located in your career, Mercury has probably deprived you of a contact, an exchange with someone who is important to you: your boss, your spouse, a parent (3rd dean). It’s not quite over yet but you will feel that an obstacle has been lifted and it will get better and better (born around 8/18).


It’s complicated for you because since May 24th, this retrograde Mercury has been in good shape with you, but all the while hampered by a dissonance of Saturn. The possibility of a trip, a request, a change, the expression of your ideas and opinions, everything could have been made more difficult and you have struggled.


The planet of verbal and commercial exchanges, Mercury, has been downgraded since May 24 and is navigating your financial sector. She’s back on track today but don’t expect to get what you expect right away. We will have to wait until the end of next week to be satisfied.


As I told you yesterday, Mercury is on bad terms with Saturn, but it is back on track today, having been downgraded since May. Your exchanges with your partners have not been on top since May 24, and you can be sure that this will be fixed by the end of next weekend (3rd dean).


Mercury has been downgraded to work in your industry since May 24th and may have slowed down, or you may have had problems with a colleague or employee. But the planet is back on track today, and whatever you’ve been waiting for since the 24th will be unlocked next week.


For you, too, the situation was contradictory and it still seems to be, until next weekend. Good-looking Mercury was at the same time dissonant with Saturn, your planet. If you were waiting for something, a shipment, a phone call, a mail, you will still have to wait a few days 3rd dean.


3rd Dean, Mercury may have been pissing you off since May 24th, or your patience may have been put to the test. But the planet is picking up again today and what was slowed down, stuck, will gradually become more fluid. Were you worried about a loved one? it will get better and better in the next few days.


As for you, you haven’t suffered too much from Mercury’s demotion, except perhaps for some of you who have struggled to get around, or haven’t received visits or news they were waiting for (3rd dean). Mercury is back live today and things will change next week.

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