the government is urgently deploying a squadron of mobile gendarmes

the government is urgently deploying a squadron of mobile gendarmes

New violence erupted after the murder of a young man, killed with a knife.

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Reinforcements to Mayotte. The government announced on Friday (June 10th) the emergency deployment of a squadron of mobile gendarmes on the island of Mayotte, plagued by violence, in order to “Restoring Republican Order” at the request of the prefect. Rival gangs have been fighting since Monday in Majicavo and Kungou, in the northeast of the department, following the stabbing of a young man the day before.

Law enforcement intervened for “release many axes regularly obstructed by burning barricades”operations during which “Four departmental gendarmes and three mobile gendarmes were wounded by projectiles and shots”said the Interior and Overseas Ministries in a joint statement.

At the origin of this new episode of violence in the 101st French department, the death of a young resident of the commune, which resulted in cascading retaliation. Each time, the same scenario is repeated: the clashes disrupt an already saturated traffic on the island during rush hour, the gendarmes intervene and in turn become the target of stone throwing.

A commonplace scenario in a department where immigration and poverty have accentuated cleavages between villages and neighborhoods where young people regularly face each other with stones and knives. The sending by the Home Office of a squadron of mobile gendarmes to Mayotte is an emergency response already made to previous unrest, but which does not address the problem at the root, says LR MP Mansour Kamardine, candidate to his succession in the south of the island. “The noticeable 40% increase in law enforcement we have achieved in recent years does not allow us to control a situation that is getting worse.”he said in a statement.

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