the festivities continue with an event concert

the festivities continue with an event concert

JUBILEE ELIZABETH II. The jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II ends this weekend. To celebrate the 70th reign of the sovereign, many artists will perform at an event concert this Saturday.

  • The jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, who is celebrating her 70th birthday, continues today.
  • A grand concert, called the Platinum Party at the Palace, will take place in front of 22,000 spectators (including the royal family) this Saturday, June 4 from 9 p.m. Expected artists include Elton John, Ed Sheeran or Andrea Bocelli.
  • This Saturday will also be marked by an equestrian race, the Derby at Epsom Down. But the queen continues to rest at Windsor Castle, and will not attend the horse race.
  • While the absence of Elizabeth II due to her state of health during Mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral has been widely discussed, the focus has been on Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who made their grand return with the other members of the royal family. Since leaving California, the Queen’s grandson and wife have relinquished their royal privileges and duties of representation.
  • Until Sunday, June 5, many festivities are planned, the royal family has budgeted 33 million euros (£ 28 million) for all the festivities.

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The term “jubilee” is commonly used to refer to an important date, on which a major event or personality is celebrated. The word is already present in the Bible, used to refer to a “special year.” For the jubilee of the Queen of England, the meaning is more restricted: we speak of the jubilee for celebrations held in honor of the British sovereign, for a given period of reign. When a monarch reaches the age of 25, the British organize a silver jubilee, at 50, it is the golden jubilee, at 60 the diamond jubilee, at 70 the platinum jubilee.

The Queen of England, a mainstay of the British family, is certainly the best known monarch in the world. She is by far the first ruler of the United Kingdom to achieve such longevity, knowing that in Europe, the longest reigning ruler was French King Louis XIV, with a 72-year reign. A duration that Elizabeth II could soon exceed. To celebrate this reign, jubilees were held several times.

The Golden Jubilee had been the first of Queen Elizabeth II. An international event held in 2002, it marked its 50th anniversary. The jubilee was marked by a large number of popular events throughout London in June of the same year, complemented by events in the Commonwealth kingdoms. The Queen had attended all the official celebrations with her husband, the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. For a full year, the royal couple traveled more than 64,373.76 km to the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and then around the United Kingdom, before concluding the tour with a trip to Canada.

Then in 2012, the United Kingdom had already celebrated Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, marking its 60th anniversary. This event had been international: in accordance with the tradition of jubilees, a “jubilee medal”, in diamond, is awarded in the various countries of the Commonwealth, holidays are decreed and public events are organized. For information, Queen Victoria was the only other monarch in the history of the United Kingdom to celebrate a diamond jubilee in 1897. This time, in 2022, Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee will mark 70 years of service. . Festivities are also planned.

The kick-off of Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee is given this Thursday, June 2, at 10 a.m. London time, 70 years to the day after the coronation of the Queen of England. The four days of festivities will begin with the traditional ceremony of the Trooping the colora military parade that will bring together more than 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians according to the official website of the British Crown. The parade will depart from Buckingham Palace and join the Horse Guards Parade where members of the royal family will join the procession on horseback or in carriages.

What would a royal ceremony be without the lighting of the lanterns? On June 2, Commonwealth topics will be highlighted Platinum Jubilee Beacons. More than 1,500 lanterns will be lit throughout the kingdom of Elizabeth II. The capitals of the Commonwealth countries will light their lanterns for the first time and a light will shine from 9pm on a 21-meter-high tree in Buckingham.

But the celebration of the jubilee will not end there. On Friday, June 3, one ceremony will be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral, in central London. The Thanksgiving service will pay homage to “the long reign of the Queen.” The rest of the day will be dedicated to the second act of this jubilee: 150 national treasures are expected to be “featured” to “highlight the evolution of creativity and British and Commonwealth culture throughout the Queen’s reign” , as he explained Hello Magazine. What will this other procession consist of? First and foremost civil society people, including 2,500 volunteers and members of the public, “including a 99-year-old person.” This procession “will present the key moments of the musical trends, dance styles and fashion that have marked the decades.”

On Saturday, June 4, the party will continue with one of the most prestigious equestrian races in the world, the Epsom Downs Derby. Members of the royal family, who are very attached to this practice, should attend. The day will be busy as the culmination of the jubilee, the huge concert at Buckingham Palace transcribed live and hosted by the BBC will take place in the afternoon. Big international stars are expected: the event is on a large scale, so the British have to send their candidacy to hope to participate in the draw.

As this jubilee is due to end one day, Sunday, June 5, has been chosen as the closing date. It will be marked by the traditional Big Jubilee Lunch, a moment of conviviality between neighbors. Everyone is invited to share their meal, in the way they want, with a view to sharing and generosity. Platinum pudding should be highlighted and present on many tables. The pastry awarded by the amateur cooking competition organized by the crown is a rolled cake composed of genoise, orange jam, lemon custard, almond biscuits, tangerine grout, bark orange and chocolate chips. After this friendly meal, the last jubilee parade will parade through the streets of London around The Mall. More than 5,000 artists are expected to participate in the Platinium Jubilee Pageant which will mix “street arts, theater, music, circus, carnival and costumes” according to Visit Britain. To pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth and her love of animals, a pack of twenty corghis puppets, the queen’s favorite dog, will walk the parade of artists. One should also see different representations of horses, the other passion of the sovereign.

Which singers are present for Elizabeth II’s jubilee concerts?

A 30-hour concert will be held near Buckingham Palace on Saturday, June 4, to celebrate Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee. With the BBC as its conductor, the “Platinum Party” will be broadcast live on the airwaves of the British channel. Hosts Kirsty Young and Roman Kemp will play the masters of the ceremony and will take turns performing the singers who will perform on the three stages provided: Diana Ross, Duran Duran, Sir Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, Andrea Bocelli, Mabel but also the British Eurovision 2022 candidate Sam Ryder. Spectators will also be able to appreciate Elton John’s talent in a pre-recorded performance and broadcast during the concert. One of the most anticipated singers for this platinum jubilee is none other than Ed Sheeran. The British artist, who claimed to be “proud to be part of the celebrations” at the end of April, will give a concert at Buckingham Palace to close the four-day platinum jubilee celebration.

Exhibitions on the Queen of England

Several exhibitions are also planned to celebrate this exceptionally long reign. Organized by the Royal Collection Trust, they will take place shortly after this jubilee week: from July 7 to September 26, 2022, Windsor Castle will hold an exhibition on the accession to the throne of the Queen. From July 22 to October 2, 2022, another will return to its coronation: it will be held in the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace. Finally, Scots will be able to rediscover all the outfits worn by the Queen during previous anniversaries at the d’Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, from July to September 2022.

The health problems of the Queen of England

If the festivities are many and cheerful, there is a shadow on the picture: the Queen of England will not be able to attend all the events. At 96, Elizabeth II is facing health concerns. Since being hospitalized in October 2021, she has been traveling with a cane and has made her public appearances less frequent in recent months. Her doctors have advised her to rest: she will not be able to follow the entire busy schedule, even though she will be on the balcony of the Royal Palace to watch the Trooping the Color on Thursday.

An exceptional gift made by Emmanuel Macron to Elizabeth II for her jubilee

An exceptional event, an exceptional gift. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign, Emmanuel Macron gave her a special gift. The President of the Republic has in fact donated to the monarch a horse of the Republican Guard, as revealed by Paris Match. This is Fabuleu de Maucour, “the flagship of the regiment’s cavalry.” In addition, a Republican Guard saddle and saber were also offered to the Sovereign on Wednesday, June 1st. It should be noted that Emmanuel Macron will not be present at the festivities in England but will rekindle the flame of the unknown soldier, this Thursday, in tribute, accompanied by the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in France.

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