The European Union could reach an agreement on the universal charger on 7 June

The European Union could reach an agreement on the universal charger on 7 June

The long-awaited directive will force manufacturers to provide a compatible cable and charging port for all smartphones, laptops, consoles and other tablets.

Open for more than a decade, the debate over the universal charger is coming to an end. According to agency information Reutersthe Parliament and the Council of the European Union should agree on the establishment of a universal charger next June 7th.

The directive requires electronic device manufacturers to install the same charging port for every smartphone, tablet, console, or pair of headphones, but also for all laptops. For example, the measure would force the giant Apple to use USB C on all its objects, instead of its personal Lightning technology.

Comfort and ecology

The first issue posted in September 2021 by European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton was user comfort. With the single charger, it will not need to walk around with a different connection for each device. He will avoid having to buy different equipment each time. According to a Commission study, European consumers will save up to € 250 million a year on this measure.

Brussels’ second goal is ecological. The Commission wants to give consumers a choice between buying a phone with and without a charger. Several telephone manufacturers have already committed to doing so for environmental reasons, and it is now a matter of harmonizing practices. By emptying the boxes, e-waste could be reduced by 980 tonnes and CO emissions2 of 180,000 tons.

If an agreement is validated at the trilogue on 7 June, it will have to wait until the directive is transposed in each Member State. A period that will allow time for industrialists to bow to Europe’s decision.

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