the detail that Julien Arnaud hid from viewers during his interim at "13 Hours"

the detail that Julien Arnaud hid from viewers during his interim at “13 Hours”

FIGARO LIVE – Guest on “Buzz TV”, the journalist, who is taking part in the “Grand Concours des animateurs” on TF1 this Friday night, looks back on the recent period when he replaced Jacques Legros during his leave at the noon newspaper .

«We have a little pressure. It’s always complicated to get to the end. » This Friday night, Julien Arnaud participates once again in the “Grand Animator Competition” on TF1. The journalist holds the record for victories in the program, with six on the counter. His secret to success? «Curiosity. We need to look at all the universes because the questions are varied. ”, he tells Buzz TV. «I am interested in politics as well as foreign subjects, games, cinema, books …He adds.

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This interview with “Buzz TV” is an opportunity for Julien Arnaud to take stock of his particularly busy season between his role as a joker in the “20 Hours” and the unexpected one in the “13 Hours” to replace Jacques Legros during his leave. The latter himself was called in as a reinforcement to act Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, absent due to health reasons. A rewarding experience for the “joker of the joker”It was excitingSums up Julien Arnaud, who even changed his habits. «At “20 hours” you are focused on the info a little harsh while at “13 hours” you try to sniff the air of time. You are much more in appeasement. I realized that it had changed my way of presenting and writing a bit. I address viewers more directlyHe tells us.

“I’m a traveler without luggage, that’s how it is”

Julien Arnaud, on his role as a joker on TF1’s JT

During this period, Julien Arnaud had to combine with the consequences of an accident that occurred on the day of the start of the war in Ukraine, on February 24, after its special edition of the midday. «There was a lot of adrenaline and tension. After the “13 Hours”, I go out for lunch and when I return, I fall off my scooter and break my footHe reveals. «I spent the evening and part of the night in the emergency room and came back the next day. You didn’t see it but I presented every week with a splint, a boot and a small cushion”He details, noting that this paraphernalia has been finely hidden from the image. «We got organized, we had to find tips. Finally, if you are an observer, at the end of the “13 Hours”, you realize that I do not get up while normally Marie-Sophie Lacarrau and Jacques Legros are standing. It wasn’t because I was lazy. I was doing it side by side and we made a plan so that it wouldn’t showHe concludes on the subject.

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Joker for about fifteen years, Julien Arnaud does not get tired of the exercise. «Because there is movementhe replies. J‘I did the weekends, the 20 Hours, the 13 Hours. In fact, every time this period comes back, I have butterflies in my stomach to get back on the team and get back to work. It’s exciting. It’s just a little frustrating when it ends because I wish it would continue. These are CDDs that last a month or a month and a half, and that’s when you start to feel at home. But it’s part of the exercise, I’m a traveler without luggage, that’s how it isHe tells us again, philosopher.


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