La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, pourrait bien se retrouver obligée de faire ses valises à cause de la situation contractuelle d'un coéquipier

The big revelation about Russell Westbrook that will delight the Lakers!

Could the Russell Westbrook case be beautified in the coming months? In any case, this is what the 2017 MVP Lakers can expect, according to the latest information from the Woj. The Brodie should thus generate much less controversy, thanks to a specific person.

With his huge $ 47 million contract this season, it seemed obvious Russell Westbrook be doomed to stay with the Lakers, despite the interest of a few competitors. This is now almost guaranteed by the franchise, refusing to cede the player with other assets such as draft picks. Especially since as Adrian Wojnarowski recently revealed, the No. 0 seems well on its way to activating its player option in the City of Angels:

Russell Westbrook will indeed enter his final year of contract by the end of the month, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Given the complete failure of the current campaign, fans may be worried about having to deal with a status quo for next year. However, things may be different now because of one person: Darvin Ham, the newly elected coach of the Purples and Bears. Unlike Frank Vogel, whom he could not feel, Brodie has already developed affinities with the former assistant of the Bucks, still according to the Woj:

Westbrook is already very close to his new coach

Russell Westbrook was very enthusiastic about hiring Darvin Ham, he really started to get closer to him on a human level. He said he really admired Ham’s passion, as well as his serious and applied approach. He really identified with that, and what he liked to hear from Ham was that he was not only going to hold Russ accountable, but the whole team.

Indeed, this must be a huge improvement in the eyes of the 2017 MVP compared to last year, given that the poor results of the Angelinos were regularly put on his back. So 2022-23 should be a whole other story, which should damn well boost RW’s confidence in its new tactician. Again, that would be a big difference from his relationship with Frank Vogel, and it can only do good to the team.

Russell Westbrook and Darvin Ham are already said to be very close, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. If the coach has been recruited, it’s also because the Lakers see him as the perfect person to harness the leader’s talent. Let’s hope he succeeds.

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