the actor banned from any Oscar ceremony for ten years

the actor banned from any Oscar ceremony for ten years

The US actor said in a statement that he “accepted and respected the Academy’s decision”.

American actor Will Smith is banned from any Oscars for ten years.

“I accept and respect the Academy’s decision,” Will Smith said in a statement shortly after the sanction was announced.

So almost 15 days after the slap around the world and made Hollywood and social media joke, the Academy made a decision. The institution had announced on March 30 that it would take “appropriate action”.

The Academy’s board of directors, which includes stars such as Steven Spielberg and Whoopi Goldberg, began disciplinary proceedings against Will Smith last week.

Under the Oscars’ statutes, the proceedings could go as far as suspending or expelling the nearly 10,000-member Actor from the Academy. Except Will Smith, 53, took everyone by storm, resigning himself last week.

“I will accept all the consequences”

“My actions at the 94th Oscars were shocking, painful and inexcusable,” the actor wrote five days after taking to the stage to slap comedian Chris Rock, who had just made a joke about his straight hair. wife.

“I will accept any consequences that the board deems appropriate,” he added.

The actor’s career has already begun suffer from this outburst of anger. Two films with the actor were put on standby. This is Fast and Loosea thriller produced by Netflix, starring Will Smith, and Bad Boys 4produced by Sony.

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