The 26th Rivière-Pilote agricultural and handicraft fair highlights organic m

The 26th Rivière-Pilote agricultural and handicraft fair highlights organic m

The 2022 edition of the agricultural and handicraft fair of the southern pilot city, hosts nearly 200 exhibitors this year. Among them, more than 20 producers in the organic sector, to “contribute to the enhancement, development and revitalization” of this mode of production in Martinique.

The municipality of Rivière-Pilote invites the general public to the 26th edition of its agricultural and craft fair. On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June 2022, almost 200 exhibitors will offer handicrafts, agri-food, horticulture, as well as local fruits and vegetables on their stalls.

This year, the organization has decided to put particular emphasis on organic production and livestock, with more than 20 stands dedicated to this sector whose cultivation is guaranteed without fertilizers or pesticides.

In Martinique, the GRAB (Regional Group of Organic Farmers) is the sector’s representative in all professional and supervisory bodies, accredited by the National Federation of Organic Farmers (FNAB).

List of exhibitors from the GRAB Martinique cooperative (Regional Group of Organic Farmers), at the 26th edition of the Rivière-Pilote agricultural and artisanal market.

© GRAB Martinique

Virtually every local crop is trying to take the organic turn, singularly since the chlordecone scandal. These are food and vegetable products, fruit, eggs, cattle, cane, rum … Ditto for processed products: jam, juice, pudding, cassava flour, pastry and bakery .

For the next few years, GRAB is considering one of its guidelines “raising public awareness of the need for funding for the organic sector (certification, conversion, etc.)”, or to relaunch the competent authorities on “the issue of access to agricultural land”.

The Rivière-Pilote fair is open from 6 am to 6 pm during the two days of the event.

Agricultural and craft fair / Rivière-Pilote

Poster for the 26th Rivière-Pilote Agricultural and Craft Fair (June 4 and 5, 2022).

© Cap / Facebook City of Rivière-Pilote

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